Neverwinter — DC goes Ding 60!

Wish the gateway rendered the cloth pieces better. :-(

Wish the gateway rendered the cloth pieces better. 😦

While I was working on my CW again, I still got enough xp from the daily invocations and crafting in Leadership to get my cleric to level 54.  And this past weekend I started working on it again.  I was severely over level now for the areas I’d been in, but since you still get the xp from the quests and can run them a lot faster if you don’t have the mobs aggroing on you, well…. let’s just say that since the DC isn’t the highest dps class out there, that I actually appreciated not needing to fight so much.

I’d pre-bought the 10 main gear pieces for the cleric, and my Ioun Stone was already using purple T1 equipment, so after getting the ding (as I finished the final quest in the Chasm, no less, so it was perfect timing) I headed back for the bank in Protector’s Enclave and swapped the gear out.  Gear score jumped from 4950-ish to 9300.  My Recovery stat was in the 3700’s and my crit was in the 3200’s, which in both cases is well into diminishing returns, so I may be re-doing the gear on my Ioun Stone for more utility or defense or something going forward.  Since my 2 main stats I “need” as a cleric were already “too high” I just put power enchants in all my offense slots, but the cheap rank 4 ones, since I’ll eventually upgrade out of this T1 stuff.  Even so, that was enough to bump my gear score to almost 9800.  Not bad for a fresh 60, I don’t think.

Pretty impressive architecture for a pseudo-medieval technology base

Pretty impressive architecture for a pseudo-medieval technology base

Kewl Story:  The “best in slot” Tier 2 boots got put on the auction house for about 10% of their typical value when I was looking.  Not sure if the person selling them meant for them to be an awesome buy for a lucky someone (like me!) or simply didn’t type enough zeroes, but either way I got the boots really cheap. . . .

Then I used my free respec that was given out last week to grab the “2/20/9” healing build that’s come to be accepted as a good all around healer, but with some decent utility still as well.  Doing so dropped my gear score to 9400, so the feats that I’d been using that bumped my recovery stat by 5% definitely made a difference.  Even without it, recovery’s still over 3400, so it’s still quite high, since diminishing returns kicks in really hard at around 2300.

It would seem that we broke its jaw

It would seem that we broke its jaw

I also ran the Karrundax (sp?) dungeon on my Control Wizard over the weekend.  Our group wasn’t “optimal” and we had a total of 6 wipes, plus miscellaneous other deaths at times, but we beat it.  2 Trickster Rogues, a Great Weapon Fighter, a Divine Cleric, and me on my CW.  No tank, as it were, though the GWF and one of the rogues could usually bounce aggro and I was in a “full control” setup that makes heavy use of AE’s that includes stuns and knockbacks and whatnot in order to allow me to cast the “Black Hole” daily power every 30-ish seconds or so and keep the mobs generally locked down for about 50% of the time.  It also has some pretty massive debuffs built in, so a couple of the bosses went down more quickly than expected and the TR’s commented that it was surprisingly fast.  Between the DC’s Hallowed Ground damage buff and my debuffs on the mobs, plus having 2 rogues…. seemed like it was a good combo for damage output.  Even without having a tank to keep aggro and thus the DC and I were both dodging a lot, it was still a very fun run and since we beat the boss, a successful one as well.

All in all, a fun couple of days in Neverwinter.

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