Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the 1st Salt Lake Comic Con.  Thursday night I went with my wife and daughter, we ended up skipping Friday, and then I went back on Saturday with just my daughter.  Thursday night was quite nice, but Saturday was wickedly overcrowded.  The event ended up being about triple the size that was planned for (25K planned, 70K actually there), so, well. . . see for yourself: 

I took this picture several hours after there was a bit of a debacle with the fire marshals who started pulling people out and refusing entry to the people waiting in line to get in.  When I got there I was able to actually walk right in with no waiting, so it was much less crowded than earlier in the day.  I didn’t go to any panels (energetic 3-yr olds make that hard to do) and didn’t really care to pay $30-75 for a celebrity autograph, but I still quite enjoyed wandering around and seeing the cosplay and the booths.

Some friend of mine had a booth there and have some posts, podcasts and a cosplay gallery up about it now, if you’d care to listen or see.  They also have several short videos they took of interviews that they did linked at their Facebook page.

Yes I know… not much of a game post, but I had a blast while there, so I wanted to share anyway 😛

More links:

Special Guests

Professional Cosplayers

Cosplay and More Cosplay Galleries

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