[TSW] [NW] [Civ5] I don’t only play TSW

What a motley crew to be fighting Mayan Zombies

What a motley crew to be fighting Mayan Zombies

So a few days back I got into a “noobmares” pug and we managed to kill the Machine Tyrant, so we completed a full 18/18 run.  And I finally got my Hell Raised Achievement.  Go me!  The screenshot to the left is while we were forming up for DW, and the 5th person was on the map, but I didn’t see him for the group pic.

Naga Angel?  Interesting looking companion to say the least.

Naga Angel? Interesting looking companion to say the least.

Last night I hopped in to TSW and crafted some glyphs for a friends to help him re-do his stats a bit, and I’d picked up a blue QL10 weapons talisman off a drop while farming the Kingsmouth Airport for signets, so I made him a blue Assault Rifle as well.  The eventual plan is to drag him through elites and get him to the Gatekeeper.  But another friend was online last night and the 2 of them were playing Neverwinter instead, so I bipped on in to that game too.  It’s been so long since I’ve played that game that I barely remembered what skills I had slotted, but it didn’t take long to pick it back up.  It was a fun evening, and after the other 2 logged off I headed into Feywild, since that’s new content for me.  I just got past the intro part and into Feywild proper, but haven’t done any questing in there or anything yet, so no campaign rewards for me yet.


Feywild is pretty!

Feywild is pretty!

Rowan of I Have Touched the Sky posted Raptr’s playtime stats for this week, and that got me to go check my own.  27 hours of Civ5?  Wow.  That’s not quite accurate, though — yes I played it a lot last weekend, but it was becuz I was sick on the weekend, so rather than play something that required a lot of focus and activity, I took the slower-paced (can’t get slower than turn-based with no time limit, right?) game for simple relaxation.  Even with that, I wasn’t necessarily present, though.  I’d walk away for many hours at a time to do dinner, play with my daughter, etc and then pick it up later, so all those “afk hours” got counted too.  Which is why we don’t trust Raptr or Xfire stats as anything other than showing trends, right?  Right?!?!?!?!?!

Anyway, I hope that all is well with you and Happy Gaming!

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  1. Congrats on Hell Raised! I’ve run it twice, and haven’t downed Machine Tyrant yet. Seems like every time we have DPS die to red circles real quick, and then I’m left tanking and chipping away ’til his enrage hits and we explode.

    Good running Enter the Filth with you last night! I’ll probably be online a few nights this week running it more, and I’ll look for ya when I do.

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