[TSW] Samhain 2013

New costume pieces in the store -- I went for the Victoria's Secret angel look

New costume pieces in the store — I went for the spooky Victoria’s Secret angel look

Last week TSW released their 1.8 update, but didn’t put in the scenarios and augments yet.  What they did release was the 2013 Samhain event.  this year it’s being called “Spooky Stories” but in the lore/achievements tab it’s still Samhain.  Everything from last year is in again with a new optional NM difficulty for the Cat God dungeon (haven’t done it yet, but soon. . . soon. . . . ).  And there’s the new stuff for this year too.  Essentially you go to the Savage Coast and climb up into the Treehouse in the A’kab area and read a book, which then unlocks all the new side missions.  Their locations are all spoiled in this thread from the forums, if you care for spoilers.

Samhain 2013 complete.  I've got the t-shirt to prove it!

Samhain 2013 complete! I’ve got the t-shirt to prove it!

One of the new quests is a group quest where you need to summon a “Jack of the Lantern” scarecrow with 4 other people, and it’s semi-buggy (the thing doesn’t always summon — says he’s already there, even though he’s not) and poorly implemented due to the item that you need not being replaceable if used unsuccessfully, but over all it’s a fun series of stories, even if the missions themselves are mostly “go there and kill the quest baddie that spawns.”  A neat side-note to the Jack of the Lantern quest, though, is that if you use 5 different pumpkins and place them in the right order, you get a “Super Jack” to spawn.  This one’s a

Shooting SuperJack from the tree is completely safe from his AE's, unless he yanks you down... which he sometimes does.

Shooting SuperJack from the tree is completely safe from his AE’s, unless he yanks you down… which he sometimes does.

raid mob with 12 million hp and there’s an event channel set up for people spawning them and then getting people to meet up and kill in large groups, much like the Guardians of Gaia event that recently happened.  It drops a purple treasure bag, but the loot table in it isn’t necessarily purple stuff.  I’ve gotten fireworks, a couple of clothing items, 3 green signets and 1 blue signet from them.  Nice enough (though the bloodstained surgical gloves are a bit gruesome), but not really a big deal either.

Fighting while drunk = lots of glances

Fighting while drunk = lots of glances

With this event I’ve been hit with a lot of lag that I never got during the “Blingzilla” event.  I’ve noticed that when I lag that my dps on the mob drops very considerably, so back in my post from September on that event I was kinda down on my fellow players for crappy dps, but I’m now much more inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and blame the bad dps on lag.  The build I was using I was getting 1600 dps on dummies (and that’s not making use of Iron Maiden nor is the mob debuffed by Exposed since there’s no tank to do it on a dummy) but during the event if I was lagging I was only getting about 600 (on a debuffed mob with Iron Maiden active).  Even when I wasn’t lagging badly, it was a struggle to break 1000 dps, so there are definitely a lot of factors I wasn’t taking into account back then.


Trying a new look with "happier" colors

Trying a new look with “happier” colors

Inspired by Seth over at Megadirge, I’ve begun hunting rare mobs.  Due to the Samhain event, I’ve been focusing on Solomon Island, and I’ve managed to get all but 1 in each of the zones there.  I still need the Dunwich Road Horror golem in Kingsmouth, the King A’kab in Savage Coast, and whatever the thing is in the Moon Bog in Blue Mountain.  Something interesting for me is that these rare mobs tend to be in out of the way locations that I’ve never gone to before — sometimes it’s a bit of a puzzle how to get to their locations.  And when I get there, almost invariably there’s a lore piece for me to pick up, so it’s been good for my other semi-goal of eventually getting all the lore.

Leaving the Quarry after a successful AP grinding run.

Leaving the Quarry after a successful AP grinding run.

I’ve also done a but of quarry farming with my friend to get him more AP’s so he can tweak his build for going after the Gatekeeper.  He was using a pistol/shotgun build, but found that Cleanup doesn’t seem to work as a purge during phase 2 for him.  Beyond that, Shootout from pistol has that bad rubberbanding bug and it’d drag him back into ground circles and kill him, so he’s looking for a different way to go.  We got him up to where he can use Magnetic Wipe now, so he’s going to go with SG/Elemental when next he tries.

Happy Samhain, and as always, Happy Gaming!

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  1. Good luck rare hunting! It really doesn’t take too long once you start going for it, though some of them can be a little less cooperative than others =P

    I’ve never actually tried quarry farming, but if I’m going for 100% wheel (and I’d like to!) I should probably give it a try!

    • I had 4/13 in Solomon Island before the weekend, and I now have 10/13, so I don’t imagine it will take all that long.

      Quarry farming really is massive xp. Each mob in there gives about 7K xp and you’re pulling 5 or more at a time. It’s fastest done in a group, but a duo still works pretty well if you both have good AE too. Works really well.

  2. The rares on solomon island are still easy enough. The ones in the later zones not only have longer respawn times, but also have a placeholder mechanic, so most of the times when their spawn time is over, you get their placeholder, which does not count for the achievement. Only sometimes the real target spawns.

    I know that many people “solve” that by camping and waiting, i personally advise another approach. Just mark the positions of all the targets on your map and whenever you have to do something in the zone anyways, also check those points of one of the targets just is around. I might have gotten my jacket a week or two earlier with the camping method, but by using my method i got it in a rather relaxed way, without the camping-and-waiting nuisance.

    • Yup, that’s the plan. Give each place a look see from time to time, but not really worry about it otherwise. That’s why I’ve only done SI so far — It’s where I’ve been while Samhain is running.

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