[TSW] Scenarios — Take 1

Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted!

As I’m sure you already know, TSW dropped Issue 8 yesterday for early access for subscribers, but also opened up a single scenario for non-subscribers as well, with the rest becoming available this coming Sunday.  Like every other TSW player, I hopped in to check it out.  I was in Agartha, when I logged so I didn’t get the cell phone call that starts the next phase of the story mission right away, though it did happen later in the evening.  I jumped down by the Seoul entrance to where the Sunken Library portal is and while I saw the lore over the the top, I never quite managed to get up there to it.  Got close a few times, one time jumped for it while spamming my U key and heard the sound like I was going to grab it, but….. didn’t happen.  Oh well.

Anyway, into the Sunken Library and wow it was full in there (as expected 😉 ).  I saw Nzoth while I was in there so I dropped him a quick hello, then headed for the Console to get set up for my 1st Scenario run.  The Hotel is all that’s available to me, and since I was alone, I chose Solo, Normal difficulty.  Ran into the holodeck chamber and fired her up.  The holograms quickly resolved the room into a small instance in Scorched Desert.  I’d read up a bit on the forums, so I knew to run around a bit in the 1st 45 seconds to see where the spawn points for the NPC’s that I’d need to protect were.  Even with that, I still missed one, so during the 1st phase where you have to kill the ghouls that are attacking the single NPC’s that are then “rescued” and run to one of 3 campsites (well “collection points” but you know how player jargon never matches the official devspeak, right?) I lost one just as the phase was ending. 😦

1st wave of attackers all went for a single campsite, so I didn’t have to move much then.  That was kinda nice.  But the boss of that phase spawned out back, and while I intercepted him initially, he hit like a truck, so down I went.  Respawned ASAP and ran back, and of course he went for the campsite farthest away from the respawn, so in the time it took me to run back (including using the speed boost power-ups) he killed 3 of the NPC’s in the site, leaving only 1 left in the site, since this was where I’d lost my 1st survivor as well.

A warm outfit for a snowy day

A warm outfit for a snowy area

2nd wave included some new mob types with a bit higher HP, but my build is fairly high-damage, so they still went down fast.  I had to run around between 2 campsites this time — the one in the hotel lobby and up on the roof, but that wasn’t a big deal… at least, not until the filth bomb got dropped in the rear courtyard and I got stuck in it.  Took my health down enough that I was spamming my Turn the Tables and used a health potion and still was very low on health when I finally got out of it.  And of course 3 waves had run past me and up to the rooftop campsite by the time I got out of it too.  They killed 2 more of my “survivors” before I could get up there and clear them off (and the simulator operator was taunting me how “[A]nother survivor has died, rendering the title ‘Survivor’ a bit ironic. . . “) , and by the time I’d done that, 2 waves were down in the lobby again . . .. yeah, got hectic.  Finally the boss spawned out at the rear campsite, but it folded quickly and didn’t do a whole lot of damage, at least.

3rd wave started up at the lobby again, so I ran toward the front of the hotel and saw this giant stone golem stomping around in a short patrol.  I thought he was a 2nd boss for the prior wave and didn’t want him rampaging around, so started working on him and realized he had 70K hitpoints, so he was going to take a while to kill.  And he had a really big AE attack that I didn’t see had a small safe circle in melee range, so…. dead again.  Ran back and he was at the front corner of the hotel and 2 waves were in the lobby killing my survivors, plus a new spawn was heading for the roof.  Picked up the big guy and ran into the lobby, just hitting the mobs enough to make them follow me, but not fully kill them, then headed for the roof.  The wave mobs died on the stairs up (my builders actually do a lot of damage from a ton of procs) and I was able to pull the wave mobs away from the rooftop group and back over by the door into the hotel mezzanine and finish them and the big golem off there.

Bronze on 1st Attempt.  Not completely awful.

Bronze on 1st Attempt. Not completely awful.

After that I actually was able to stay on top of the waves until the final boss spawned, and he went down quicker than I expected.  Final tally:  6/15 survivors alive, Juggernaut defeated, Filth Bomb encountered.  Bronze award.  I also picked up 2 green augments (1 that boosts attack rating by 30, and 1 that increases max health by 50), a blue survivability augment that needs to be attuned, and 9 of the new currency.  Not too bad for my 1st run, I didn’t think.  I can see I need to tweak my build a little for some faster movement, but I’m overall happy with how it went while learning what I was doing.

Semi-warm outfit for a snowy area.

A semi-warm outfit for a snowy area

J had logged in while I was doing the scenarios and asked for a bit of help in the Roman Baths in Carpathian Fangs, so I headed down there for that.  Since I’d actually used some SP and AP to get my augment skill up, I suggested we go run The Cost of Magic after doing that as well.  He’d never done it before, so he was game and off to Besieged Farmlands we went.  I didn’t do as well in the minefields as I thought I would, but at least he saw where not to go 😉  He wasn’t able to do the jumping on the mystical platforms part, so fortunately the quest updated for him when I did it.  And of course, the last couple pf phases are just avoiding traps and reading instructions, so… overall it went well.

J called it a night then, so I joined a noobmares 18’s run.  We went 17/18, but since I recently upgraded my video drivers I’ve noticed that I don’t see things like camera light-circles on the ground, and some spell effects don’t seem to show up either.  Vs the Machine Tyrant I couldn’t see the Anima Wells nor the red targeting circles that need to be avoided.  Tried tweaking my video settings, logging out and in, full client restarts in between changes, nothing helped.  So….. looks like I’m going to be reverting a 2nd driver upgrade (prior upgrade made the game crash when opening inventory).  I had enough bullion to upgrade a glyph on one of my talismans, though, so. . . . all in all a fun and productive night.  Looking forward to being able to get the rest of Issue 8 when it’s released to non-subscribers.

The newest Templar (that night, anyway)

The newest Templar (that night, anyway)

And finally, in other news, I actually started a Templar alt the other night , but I doubt it will see much play now that I’ve got augments to be spending points on again.

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  1. Nice job! We only did hotel last night, saving the rest to try out on Monday. By the way, the lore on top of the portal, going up on the right side (while facing the portal) worked well for me, by jumping right on the lip then up to the top. The most annoying thing of course is that stupid window popping up all the time and getting in the way asking whether or not you want to enter Venice!

    • Yeah, tried that, but got up farther going up the left side for some reason. Just couldn’t seem to get the lip to catch me on the right.

  2. Hey, it’s like I was telling Ocho, I think (especially when doing scenarios solo) it’s a mistake to try to save everyone. I think part of it is making necessary sacrifices to secure a ‘win’. At least in the beginning. Given that some of the random events I’ve encountered so far actually make it impossible to save everyone, I think it’s by design. The augments aren’t a rapidly progressing system, nor do I think they are necessary to enter Tokyo. The Council’s Seal is only 80 tokens.

    My pre-Tokyo goal is to have at least all ql10 purples from the Ca’ d’Oro vendor for my soloing/questing build with a handful of augments. I think that’ll be more than sufficient for questing in Tokyo.

    So, all that said, Bronze ain’t nothing to sneeze at. 😀 Good job!

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