[TSW] Scenarios — Take 2

I've gone Platinum!  Next thing you know I'll be ludicrously plaid. . . .

I’ve gone Platinum! Next thing you know I’ll be ludicrously plaid. . . .

In my 1st attempt at The Hotel scenario, I got bronze while trying to figure out what the heck I was doing.  Yesterday, after some reading on the forums and what I’d learned on my 1st attempt, well…. I got the lore over the top of the entrance, and also….. 15/15 survivors rescued, platinum rating.  Go me!

Attack Stats

Attack Stats

That said, I think I got an easier random seed this time.  The 1st boss didn’t hit like a truck, I didn’t have the Wandering Juggernaut to kill, nor did I have a Filth Bomb to contend with either.  And I was using a completely different build and talisman outfit as well.  16 of the new currency this time in total, so I’m up to 25 out of the 80 I need for Tokyo certification.  And

Defense Stats

Defense Stats

today they opened up Issue 8 to the rest of us peons for purchase, so I dropped the $10 for 1200 points so I could buy it, so I’ll have more options going forward as well.

I went with Ciritty’s guide for scenario a build, and while it obviously worked very well, for Normal difficulty I found that I really wasn’t using the rifle much if at all, so I may

Healing Stats

Healing Stats

tweak a bit.  I don’t have anywhere near the suggested stats from the guide either, but what I do have I’ve screenied over to the left.  And hey, it worked nice so far, so… there you have it.  Now I get to learn how the Mansion and the Castle work this week!

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  1. Awesome job on the Platinum score! I still have yet to achieve one, but I think it’s mostly due to having difficulty finding all the survivors in Phase 1. Heheh. The current build I’m using seems to be working great otherwise for all three scenarios, so I think I’ll be sticking with that for now.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking of simply going back to my solo build and just changing up my talismans to be a shade tankier, with 1 or 2 heal talismans as well. I think that will do well, since well…. this run I really only used the chaos stuff, occasionally the rifle finisher too, if it was needed, but if I’m in my blade/sg build I can do the same, ya know?

      Now on higher difficulty settings, the additional heals from the rifle might make a difference, but on Normal, I think I’m good with my regular build.

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