[TSW] My 1st 24

Mini-skirted gangster?  She looks mean enough to pull it off. . . .

Mini-skirted gangster? She looks mean enough to pull it off. . . .

Last night, I hopped in to TSW thinking to run some scenarios.  I haven’t done the Castle or the Mansion yet, so I thought I’d give them a try and learn their paths and spawn points and such, but right as I logged in a group was forming in the #noobmares channel for a “24’s run.”  And I want Black Bullion more than I want “oreos” so I offered to join.

The 3 dps players were all pretty evenly matched, so that was a nice change for me instead of doing 40-50% of the damage of the group myself (and my dps is not really that great yet, merely adequate).  Mobs died a lot faster with the higher dps.  We breezed through Polaris, though we did wipe once on boss 5, and twice on the Ur-Draug before we got it together.  In DW we died once due to a horrible mistake vs the Sorceror, but breezed through the rest.  Final boss I had some glitch hit me so I got double-yanked under the boss and as a result couldn’t escape his big AE.  Another dps picked up the final phase adds instead of me, but he had some lag and was using 10-meter abilities, so they got close enough to bomb him.  Oddly enough, they then bugged out and stopped spawning when he went down, but the big dps buff you get during that phase also went away as well.  The remaining 3 plinked away but eventually hit the enrage timer and couldn’t stay up.  Next attempt went flawlessly, though.  Hell Raised we breezed right on through until the Machine Tyrant.  He took us 9 tries, but we did get him too.

Preparing to go for the Lustrehunter

Preparing to go for the Lustrehunter

And then on to Hell Eternal.  I’ve done it on NM before, but it was a long time ago.  I remembered that slotting Sleight of Hand to clear CC on self is a must for the dungeon, and also that the Contortionist passive can be a big help.  Further, the pistol AE cleanse Win-Win works as well.  I decided to go for broke and slotted all 3.  1st boss hit us all with Rot Iron, as he does.  I watched Contortionist take it off of me with no trouble at all, but the dps standing next to me didn’t hit SoH and died.  We were still doing all right, though, but then the tank glanced an impair and we wiped as a result.  The next try was flawless, though.

On the the Lustrehunter.  None of us dps folks had ever been “the runner” before, so I semi-volunteered-semi-got-told-I-was-doing-it.  1st attempt the healer messed up back with the group, so the other 4 died, then the mob ran in and hit me too.  2nd attempt went fine, though.  Being the runner was actually pretty easy, if boring to sit around not doing anything just making the mob waste his AE circle while he’s running back to the group.

Who'd think something so pretty would be in Hell?  Of course, he's a *fallen* angel . . .

Who’d think something so pretty would be in Hell? Of course, he’s a *fallen* angel . . .

The 3rd boss died before he got his shield up the 2nd time, so it was nice and quick.  4th boss one of the dps was very experienced as the runner to keep the adds away, so while the tank was having to do impairs and dodges and such, for the 2 dps and the healer it was simply a tank and spank.  The trio boss we also got on the 1st attempt.  And finally HE6 was also surprisingly easy.  And yet HE gives 15 Black Bullion, while the “18 dungeons” only give 10 apiece.  Go figure.  Of course… we had a good group too, so I’m sure that made it a lot easier than it might have been.

Still, I was very happy — I got 45 bullion for the night, taking me to 61 in total, so I bought 3 glyph upgrade kits.  My hit stat is to “where it should be” now from my talismans, so I need to focus on weapons and penetration stat now.  And of course eventually build a tank set, and a healer set, and a scenario set too, but for now I’m happy with my progress on my dps set.

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  1. Man, I have to nut up and get in on some of these Noobmares. I wants the black billions. 😀

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