[TSW] [Skyrim] End of 2013

Noobie wood elf

Noobie wood elf

So since my last posting, in TSW — J finally managed to get past the Gatekeeper, so we asked in #noobmares for an 18’s run, but got no nibbles, so we ran a solo-normal Hotel scenario as a duo and defeated it with ease.  Only 1 augment dropped which I won the roll on, but we got the 16 oreos, plus I found 3 in a box so I’m that much closer to being certified for Tokyo.

High Hrothgar -- What a run to get there!

High Hrothgar — What a run to get there!

After getting out of that we advertised for a Polaris run instead and got 3 noobies.  I tried to leech heal, but that didn’t go well, so I swapped back to fist.  We got to the 5th boss and got him down to about 10K HP a couple of times, but didn’t get past him.  Still … wasn’t bad for a complete noobie run like that, I thought.  This was sometime around Thanksgiving, and I’ve not actually logged back into TSW since — not becuz I don’t want to but because. . . .

Dwemer ruins in a dungeon I stumbled across

Dwemer ruins in a dungeon I stumbled across

I bought the Skyrim Legendary edition on the Steam sale for $35 and it’s has sucked up *all* of my gaming oxygen since then.  I started a few characters just to get me feet wet, then once I knew what I was doing (and had played with the console to create a few cheater characters so I’d know the power levels I’d eventually be looking at too. . . ) I started up a new Wood Elf Archer/Thief.  Bows are wickedly powerful, and sneaking around all the time…. I so love doing that that even though I have created a few other non-sneak toons since then, well… it’s hard for me to not be sneaky.  Love the style!

Sunset from High Hrothgar's Porch

Sunset from High Hrothgar’s Porch

Anyway, been mostly playing the Bosmer and this past weekend even managed to complete the main quest and kill Alduin.  I’m level 51 on the character and there’s still so much of the map blank.  So much to do. . . .   I’ve also done a bit of the Dragonborn xpac on Solstheim Island and it’s been quite good.  I’m really enjoy the story and going into Herma-Mora’s domain of Knowledge and all the books and such making up the

Looking north at the aurora from Whiterun Stables

Looking north at the aurora from Whiterun Stables

place.  Plus the shout to tame and ride dragons was a fun little pick-up from there too, though since you get on and they fly in a circle is all unless you want to fast travel, well. . . not really a big deal.  And once I fast traveled just outside Solitude, commanded my minion to land, he said “okay, I’ll look for a spot” then he flew sloooooooooowly and ended up landing in the courtyard of a bandit-infested fort that I’d never been to nor cleared out before.  And since I’m a light-armored sneaky-type and thus don’t really get hit normally so my armor skill is low (though health is high since I don’t need stamina or magicka as an archer. . . ) it got a bit sticky for a while.  Good thing I keep a large supply of health potions on hand, right?

Near Markath

Near Markath

But anyway… I haven’t really posted since I didn’t want to spoil Skyrim for anyone who’s not played it, and didn’t have anything MMO-wise to post about either.  I suppose I should log in to TSW and try to finish up “Krampusmas” or whatever they’re calling it this year.  And since I just “finished” Skyrim, I suppose it will occupy a bit less of my gaming time now.  We shall see.

Happy gaming, wherever you are!

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