[ESO] ESO Early Launch Day 2, with a side of TSW

Don't get excited, it's just the preview.  It is a nice looking uniform though. . .

Don’t get excited, it’s just the preview. It is a nice looking uniform though. . .

I sorta promised Ocho last week to make it to the Knights of Mercy’s “Secret Monday” that they run, plus my friend J wanted to run a scenario or 3 and maybe do a noobmare run or 3 to boot, so last night I logged in to TSW.  Didn’t see anyone from KoM on so I logged out about after a half hour, tired of waiting around.  I hopped in to House Stalwart’s Mumble and listened in for a bit while I logged in on my Daggerfall-aligned sorcerer, but I immediately ran into a quest that was bugged to the point where it couldn’t be advanced.  A few of the KoM people were in that Mumble channel, so… I know where they were, at least.  I wonder if Tokyo’s release will tempt them back from ESO whenever that happens?  Time will tell. . . .

I disconnected that Mumble channel so that I could fire up RaidCall for my Ebonheart Pact guild, but saw that J was now in the private Mumble channel for him and J2 (and me), so I hopped in there and fired TSW back up.  We duo’d Hotel on the solo difficulty — which was good, since he had to afk for a while during the 1st phase, but I was able to handle it easily enough.  Our 2 random events were the supply drop and sandstorm, so that was a nice easy seed.  Platinum run, 15 oreos for both of us, and I got 2 augments and he got 1, so it was quite the profitable run.  J needed about 65 AP’s to buy the Gross Anatomy skill to round out a build, so we ran into the Shadowy Forest and did my “high AP sweep” of several of the missions there.  We didn’t do the full sweep that I would normally do if by myself, but we got him the AP’s he needed, so now his newest build is complete.

WTF?!?!?!  Say no to Borat!

WTF?!?!?! Say no to Borat!  April Fool’s Day is fun!

We called it a night in TSW and I swapped back to ESO.  I logged in the Daggerfall character again and was able to complete the quest I was on.  It was still bugged, but now only 2/5 of the NPC’s were bugged out, so I was able to tag the 3 I needed and move on the the next bugged quest.  Dinked around trying to do it, but it was bugged enough that it seemed like half the zone or more was all standing around in that area waiting for mobs to pop, and then when they actually did pop they were bugged and not spawning the clickie nodes you needed, so I logged back over to my Ebonheart character.

Yeah, me.. the consummate PVE player, went into a PVP zone.  Can you believe it?

Yes, I — the consummate PVE player — went into a PVP zone. Can you believe it?

I was in Davon’s Watch near the crafting stations, so I went and got my research started for the evening and fed my horse to increase bag space.  Went back to check on the bugged Balreth quest.  Grouped up with a guildmate since it’s supposed to work in a group, but … nope, it was still bugged out.  Seems kind of a waste to abandon the quest — it had a fairly long leadup to this final point, so I’m going to just keep it in the journal for now and eventually once it’s no longer bugged out go back and finish it off.  Headed for a couple of “dark” map markers to see about finishing the objectives from them.  Got the elite mob at the Shipwreck Strand, finished off a public mine that was fairly decent sized and got the skyshard hidden in there.

Cyrodil is quite pretty

Cyrodil is quite pretty

Then I decided to head into the Cyrodil zone, since people had been saying that the intro quest gives you a free skill point.  And it does, all for simply going to the zone, talking to the quest giver, taking a teleport stone to another keep and talking to people there, and voila!  Then there was a 2nd quest that was a fairly short run to an Elder Scroll temple, and I got another point from there too.  Wandered around a bit to see what was what, and saw a flashing marker on the map where my side was attacking a library or something, so I headed that direction.  Got there just in time to see my faction take it over, then everyone ran en masse to the west to the next outpost.  We slew the defenders, and started to bash down the door with a battering ram….. and I crashed to desktop.  By the time I’d logged back in, the outpost was ours, but I got no credit for participation.  Ah well.  I have no idea where the main mass of players had gone, so I just started running around with a couple of other people for a bit, but then struck back to “our lands” to the east.  Ran across a pve quest town, but there was an enemy sorcerer there too.  I attacked and hit him pretty hard to begin with, but blew my resources and also have no self-heals in my build yet, so he was able to regroup himself and ended up taking me out.  I was given a choice of respawn points and since my guild was getting a freeform group/raid together to run through the Crows Wood public dungeon northeast of Davon’s Watch, I chose the main base farthest from enemy lines and took the wayshrine from there back to Davon’s Watch.

Neat sparklie effects when you teleport

Neat sparklie effects when you teleport

The chest that one clicks on to get into the dungeon was bugged and non-functional, but someone in the guild was already inside, so we were able to simply right-click his account handle in the roster and teleport in anyway, though we didn’t necessarily seem to all go into the same instance.  I was level 11 and the mobs were level 5, so it was pretty easy for me overall, except for the “world boss” ranked level 7’s.  I could still take those out, but it was a nice challenge (my success rate was about 66.6%) and thus a lot of fun since a victory actually meant something.  And since most of the trash mobs were wolves it was a nice farm for leather crafting material to boot.  Plus there was a skyshard, so those are always nice to find.

Ran into another bug in there in that there was a level 5 world boss-type ghost/wraith that I almost soloed and died, then ran back to try again and there were people there to help this time, but then…. boom!  Didn’t crash out, but the game told me it threw an error and kicked me to login.  I logged back in hoping to get back in time to participate in the kill… and it started me in a small basement instance that was part of the overall quest line for the zone that was about halfway across the zone from the boss.  By the time I was able to load out of that basement, then out of the tower it was in, then fight through the trash between there and the mob. . . .yeah, it was a body on the ground.  Oh well.

Heavy breastplate, everything else is Light.  I like the look.

Heavy breastplate, everything else is Light. I like the look.

By doing the 2 quests in there I got enough xp to hit level 12, so after my inventory got full of trash loot from my farming the wolves I headed back to Davon’s Watch.  Broke down the non-researchable items for materials, dumped my extra materials in the bank, sold off the miscellaneous junk, etc.  Crafted myself a set of level 12 gear, and decided “why not?” and transformed it all to the Imperial look.  You can see the results to the left.  I rather like the look, but I also like the Dark Elf racial style too.  The current level’s green color palate for the cloth doesn’t really go with the iron cuirass I’m wearing, is all.  The Imperial color palette works quite well, though, so I’m glad I made the conversion.  Once I move up to the next tier of materials, we’ll see how it looks then, I suppose.

And that was my night.  Happy gaming to you, no matter what you play!

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  1. Oh damn. Yeah, sorry man, totally forgot about that. Once more, we all came around to meeting and well… nobody was interested. If I had remembered, I would’ve logged on anyway! Sorry bro.

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