Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall

So a while back, the Shadowrun Returns folks dropped their 1st expansion, called Dragonfall.  I played it the weekend it came out, but got stuck after a few hours due to a vitally needed job disappearing, so I couldn’t make enough money to advance the main story, since there were no other jobs to do.  There were a few other minor bugs I ran into, but they weren’t game-breaking like the lost job.  It’s been a while, so I figured they’d patched the game (and I was right), so since I had a free Saturday to kill before ESO’s early access I went back to it.  I cheated a bit, in that I used the mod that allows me to import a prior character rather than starting fresh like the game is designed, and I pulled in my character that’s run the original Dead Man’s Switch campaign a couple of times, so I had maxed out Body attribute (max HP), maxed out rifle skills, maxed out drone control, maxed out decking. . . you get the picture.  The import just brings the character, but no gear.  Oh sure, there’s gear in the slots, but it’s not actually usable.  Though when you swap in new gear it puts the “invalid” gear in your stash and you can sell it, so that was a nice little cash bonus.

Anyway, I made more liberal use of the save game feature this time around, so when that same job went “poof” again, I could simply reload to when it was still extant and just go right after it so it couldn’t get lost again.  And thus I was able to move on and eventually complete the whole thing.  The story was quite good, and I liked that a couple of the runs were pretty much able to be done completely in “stealth mode” with disguises and sweet talking the guard with the Security etiquette.  I tried to take some screenshots, but since I’ve got my screenies tied to my Dropbox account now they act a little weird at times, so all I ever got was my desktop background, not the game itself when I took them, so… sorry.  But anyway, just a “nomadic gamer” post showing it’s not all 1 game all the time, and to also say the Dragonfall was a very worthy expansion and anyone who likes turn-based tactical gameplay games should definitely pick it up and give it a go!

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