[ESO] ESO Day 4 — After the Big Downtime

Good bye, Wooli.  We will miss you.

Good-bye, Wooli. We will miss you.

On a personal note, yesterday was very sad, and even worse for my wife.  Our little pomeranian/terrier-mix has been quite sick for a couple of months now, and yesterday her kidneys failed, so we had to put her to sleep.  This was my wife’s 1st dog ever, so she’s extremely broken up about it, and it was an absolutely wonderful dog so I’m not happy about it either.  She loved to play fetch and just run around, and had the sweetest disposition I’ve ever seen a dog have.  She will be very missed from our family 😦


What's wrong with this picture?  2 things --  1)The orc's actually attractive and 2) Where's the rest of her armor?

What’s wrong with this picture? 2 things – 1) The orc’s actually not unattractive and 2) Full plate armor with a cleavage cutout?  Seriously?

Due to the event just noted, I didn’t get online until rather late last night.  I planned to really just work on my melee sorcerer and try to get him to level 10 or so, on his journey to make it to level 12 so he can hit up the 1st group dungeon, but since both he and my DK are filling up on bag and bank space rapidly, I thought I’d just get some mule characters going, but since I also want to level a templar up in the Aldmeri Dominion more or less simultaneously with my characters in the 2 other factions, I started a templar and… it’s level 5 now.  Joined the Mage’s Guild, Fighter’s Guild, and the Undaunted, accepted a passed through the bank set of level 4 gear, and headed off to Kenarthi’s Roost.  Ran around a bit there and went from 4 to 5, and then “disciplined myself” and logged out and over to my sorcerer instead.

Backing up a bit…. I’d been using the Minion client to install add-ons for the game, but for some reason it wouldn’t ever update any of the add-on’s I’d installed, so I was constantly having errors and the add-ons would sometimes work, but sometimes disappear, and so on.  A lot of that was due to the fact that during the beta, the API for add-ons was pretty wide open, but then got locked down in the last week or so before launch, so a lot of the functions in older add-ons no longer worked.  I knew there were “launch versions” of the add-ons, but Minion just wouldn’t update them for me, so the other night during the downtime I simply deleted all the add-ons from the directory, then manually installed the updated ones that I knew I’d want.  So when running the templar I’d figured out which settings I liked for them, where I liked the window placement, etc.  And so now on my sorcerer I got to set that all up again, so that took some time, and… well…. I did some questing in and around Daggerfall and made it to level 9, at least.

Surprisingly tanky Sorcerer also dishes out the melee pain!

Surprisingly tanky Sorcerer also dishes out the melee pain!

I’m really enjoying this “buffed fighter” style of play I’m doing on this character.  I’m using Lightning Form to cap my defenses during fights, and I’ve morphed Crystal Shard to Crystal Fragments so that it can proc for an instant cast at half magicka cost from the Lightning Form ticks, so that gets me both offense and defense using the magicka pool, while I gain some minor self-heals from the Blood Craze morph of the Twin Blades dot from Dual Wield and some fairly high damage from the Flurry skill for the weapon as well.  A you can see from the screenshot to the left there….. I took on 2 enemies 1 level below me, using only the lightning form buff from magicka and the rest was my weapon skills alone, and I finished the fight at 82% health.  It’s kinda nice to be able to take on 2-3 mobs at once, or not have to really worry too much about getting an add during a fight 🙂  Quite fun!

Level 10 Dunmer-style leather appearance.  And my stats too ;-)

Level 10 Dunmer-style leather appearance. And my stats too 😉

So anyway, got to level 9, finished the quest I was working on, and called it a night.  Woke up way too early but couldn’t go back to sleep, so…. back into ESO I went.  This time I logged straight to the sorcerer and quested him up to level 10.  Took him to Cyrodil and did the initial 2 quests for the free skill points.  I ran across a skyshard too, which was a 3rd one, so I got a 3rd skill point too.  That was kinda nice.  And it was then time to get ready for work, so I popped over to my DK and crafted a new set of leather armor plus 2 daggers and passed them through the bank, and… you can see the results to the left.  Well… at the beginning of this paragraph, anyway.

I also thought that a quest that I’m working on had a nice touch.  It begins with you being hired to check out some haunted ruins for a young nobleman who just inherited them.  He wants to clear the haunting in order to be able to rebuild the house on the site and working the land.  So in you go…… and you get to watch some ghostly scenes of troubled young love vs family dynamics and classism, and whatnot.  After doing that, the noble sends you to the Mage’s Guild to get a book on summoning so that you can summon and banish the spirit that’s left over from that sad story.  But after you do, another mage approaches you and warns you that summoning is not to be taken lightly but requires intense focus, and so he begins quizzing you to make sure you paid attention earlier in order to prove that you possess the needed focus to safely summon the spirit.  He asks the name of the spirit, what object seems to be the focus of it’s binding to the area, and what it’s motivation for sticking around is.  And of course, your quest journal doesn’t have this recorded — you had to have watched the little scenes play out and not simply run on to the next clickie when you were in the ruins earlier.  Fortunately for me… I had.  And I thought it was a nice touch.  Sort of a gentle nudge to remind you to play the game, smell the roses, and don’t just blast through in a speed rush to level.  All worked into the quest itself, so it wasn’t blatant, but “part of the story.”  And I now have to choose to end the curse on the place or to banish the spirit.  Decisions, decisions. . . . .

And since I made mention of the big downtime in the post title, but not since…… I didn’t notice any bugs in either of these play sessions this time around.  Mail was disabled still, but that was the only abnormal thing that I saw.

Anyway, that was my night (and morning) and … happy gaming to you all!

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  1. Aww, I’m sorry about your dog. 😦 What a cutie.

    But glad to hear that they’re being responsive/speedy about bugs.

  2. sorry about your puppy, that stuff hurts so much and I hope you both feel better.

    I have no idea how you can have so many alts already, that’s just crazy. I might just grab a mule character, and maybe even work on one later, a lot later but levelling them up simultaneously takes waaaaaaay to much effort.
    Love that melee sorc build too, tried it in beta and it just tears through mobs

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