[ESO] ESO Day 5 — Launch Day!

I think the devs like this spot. . .

I think the devs like this spot. . .

My bank and bags are rapidly filling, so I ran another “mule” through the Coldharbor starter zone in order to a) get lockpicks for it and b) get it to level 4 instead of level 3 if I skipped it.  But I was good — as soon as I landed in Davon’s Watch I ran to the bank and pulled all the alchemy and enchanting materials out, then logged out in favor of working on my Khajit Sorcerer.  I finally finished all the quests in Daggerfall proper that I can find, so started moving into new areas of the surrounding countryside.  And in case you wonder from yesterday, I told the young nobleman to leave the area, got attacked by his guards, then went looking for him to find that the curse had made him suicide off a cliff.  The ghost was there gloating.  It was rather sad, I thought.  I think when I take an alt through that quest I’ll break the curse instead and see what happens.

The Corrupted Wyrd Tree

The Corrupted Wyrd Tree

I also cleansed the corruption of the Wyrd Tree, which was a 3-quest chain, though the 3rd quest was simply to kill the big bad at the end.  That went surprisingly well since I’d read Chris’s spoiler on it and when I saw a guardian light up I did a dodge roll over to it and was kept safe from the big nuke.  Thanks Chris!

Molag Bal's statue in the Forge of Woe

Molag Bal’s statue in the Forge of Woe

The Prophet then called me back to the Harborage and then sent me back to Coldharbour to rescue Lyris Titanborn from the clutches of Molag Bal.  I leveld up to 11 right as I entered, but tbh, I don’t know where I want to spend my next skill point yet, so I’m saving it for now.  The final beholder-like critter at the end hit me a bit more than it did on my DK since you know… melee.  I found out what those laser beams he send out from his big eye do this time (snare/stun me) since it’s kinda hard to kite out of range when you’re using daggers, ya know?  Still… Lyris and I took it out pretty handily all things considered.

Big empty cavern.  Cool looking, though.

Big empty cavern. Cool looking, though.

The portal back to Tamriel opened, but I looked around and realized I was in a giant cavern in a game that rewards exploration, so…. I explored the cavern.  End result:  I explored a big empty cavern.  Got a nice screenshot, though 😉

Screenshot 2014-04-04 06.51.35At this point I realized I’d not yet done the Cheesemonger’s Hollow portion of the quest I had for the Mage’s Guild, so I headed back there.  I don’t recall what level I was when I did it on my DK, but as a freshly level 11 sorcerer I tore right through it.  Gutripper at the end smacked me around a time or 2, but I was mostly able to dodge his charge attacks.  I more or less just kept the Velocious Curse on him, closed in for a quick Blood Craze dot application and a Flurry while my Lightning Form was running to a) reduce the incoming damage I was taking and b) possibly proc my Crystal Fragments to make it half-cost to cast (as well as instant).  End result:  a challenging fight, but a fairly 1-sided victory for me as you can see in the screenie there.

Say no to beholders!

Say no to beholders!

From there, back out into the countryside.  I notice that I didn’t have any map markers to the south, so I initially headed that direction, but kept finding myself pulled east in my explorations instead.  I discovered a new wayshrine and then saw some ruins on an island and decided to head for them to check them out.  As I got down to the meadow just before the beach, a portal opened and out popped 3 banekin.  They’re like scamps, only weaker and they don’t cast fire spells.  After I dispatched them, the portal reopened, depositing another banekin and also an elite one of those beholder-looking things.  This could not stand!  End result:  No more banekin, nor that beholder thing either.  You can see I got hit pretty good, as the border of the screen is showing red, and my potion quickslot is on cooldown, so it was a tough fight

Is the the central spire of Cyrodil in the distance?  Looking at the map I'd think it was *way* too far.... but it still looks like it to me.

Is the the central spire of Cyrodil in the distance? Looking at the map I’d think it was *way* too far…. but it still looks like it to me.

But anyway, after exploring the ruin (it ended up being a point of interest — hooray for exploration xp! ) and my attempts at getting into the vault underneath it were stymied (so I assume there’s a quest that will eventually send me there and then make the door actually be clickable, instead of saying “yeah, here’s a door, but no you can’t interact”), I was at a place for a quest turn-in to a guard, then grabbing a quest from said guard’s captain to go rescue some people being held captive by some werewolves.  And there I called it and will pick up tomorrow.

Happy gaming, no matter what you play!

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  1. I really love that exploration aspect and just finding a nice screeny spot is a good enough reward for me. You find so much else out there.
    I have to say that daggerfall has some of the more interesting bosses too, they have more mechanics but are easier for it if you can understand them. Most of the ones I’ve come across on AD are just strait face tanking.. close fights and lots of smaller hits that add up. Manageable but I liked the daggerfall ones more i think

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