[ESO] ESO Week 2 Begins

Well, sorta.  Today marks day 9 for me, after all, but those who launched Friday it’s still only day 4.

Sorry for all the grass in the way, but I was trying to position the camera quickly to get the shot before it disappeared.

Sorry for all the grass in the way, but I was trying to position the camera quickly to get the shot before it disappeared.

1st off, in my last post I mentioned a random portal opening and a wave of mobs followed by an elite mob coming through as the 2nd wave.  I don’t know what triggers it, but I’ve seen the same event pop 3 more times now.  I wasn’t always alone when it popped either.  Even so, I still think it’s pretty cool to have random mini-bosses popping out across the countryside on an occasional basis.  Though I’ll admit I liked the thought of it just being me that was the portal magnet 😉

Briarra the "Warlock" Nightblade

Briarra the “Warlock” Nightblade

I got to play a lot this weekend since it was my birthday, so part of my wife’s present to me was to just let me play uninterrupted.  And of course my alt-itis kicked in big time, so my DK is still level 12 and my sorcerer is still level 11.  My new alts are a nightblade “warlock” at level 11, and my templar “AE glass cannon” is level 17.  The nightblade has done a little bit of Stonefalls, though isn’t quite as far along as my DK, and my templar just got the “You finished Auridon” achievement last night, though she still has a quest or 2 in her journal still needing to be wrapped up.  The templar runs to a group of mobs, hits Solar Barrage (a PBAE skill that buffs the next skill used), then hits her AE spear Ultimate (it’s cheap and nearly always availabe as a result), then the spear cone attack and that’s usually enough to take out a group of mobs.  The nightblade on the other, does better vs single targets.  I have the “Swallow Soul” siphon attack that hits the mob and puts a HoT on myself, then I usually heavy attack and hit the Fire Clench skill to knock them back and stun them, then repeat until they hit 20% health when the Impale skil comes out.  It does a decent-ish (but kinda small) hit on its own, but when vs a low health mob it does 4x as much damage, so it’s a great finisher.  AE’s a little tougher as of yet, but I’m getting there and will eventually have some good AE skills in the build as well.  Something that surprised me as I was reading the skills was that the Siphon line has a passive for a 4/8% magicka boost.  Guess it ties in with the idea that a nightblade using a restoration staff will need a bigger magicka pool in order to be an effective healer with the siphon morphs that also heal the group.  And of course, it enables the NB to also spec to a sort of wizard too.

I really like the teleport anitmation.  too bad you're facing away when you cast it so it's hard to see it like this.

I really like the teleport animation. Too bad you’re facing away when you cast it so it’s hard to see it like this.

The templar’s actually already gone to Grahtwood and even made it in as far as the Elden Wood city — even ran the level 15 Fighter’s Guild quest in there at level 13, which was made possible by the guildmaster Sees-All-Colors tagging along and being the tank for me — and then returned since well…. level 13 in a level 16-20 mob zone.  Actually, ESO is fairly linear in its progression, and they don’t appear to grant higher level mobs bonuses against you while giving penalties to you for even daring to look at them, so I was actually able to take out level 20 mobs without any trouble, though getting 2 was death, so it was still interesting to run around the zone looking for crafting material, stumbling across the mundus stone for the Mage (which is the one I wanted for the magicka bonus anyway).  But yeah, I wanted to finish up Auridon 1st, so back I went.  Love those wayshrines!

At least Belrath wasn't bugged this time!

At least Belrath wasn’t bugged this time!

So anyway….. had I focused on one character I’d probably be another zone or 2 along, but I’ve just been having fun exploring, poking around, getting into trouble.  One oddity I’ve found is that it’s FAR cheaper to simply replace my crafted gear every 2 levels than it is to repair it.  Resources are free, after all.  In fact, I’ve got so many in my bank that I’ve stopped gathering that tier.

Happy gaming, and all of that!

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