[ESO] It’s a Khajit in Leather! It must be a Nightblade!

Just a cat and his dog. . . .

Just a cat and his dog. . . .

Except it’s a sorcerer and I’d gotten so used to playing my other 3 characters as casters that I had to relearn how to play my melee character.  I’ll admit I get a kick out of reading commenters on various blogs complaining about ESO’s “uninspired” classes.  They’re only as uninspired as in-the-box thinking, IMO.  I’ve got 3 wizards and 1 rogue — the wizards are made from the classes that are supposedly the rogue, the tank, and the healer.  And my rogue is made from the supposed nuker.  Nothing is “as it should be.”  And I love it!

Doshia, we hardly knew ye!

Doshia, we hardly knew ye!

So anyway, I finally got back to my sorcerer.  Took a few fights to recall which skills I had slotted where and when to use them and whatnot.  I even took a couple of deaths when I got jumped by 3-packs while still in that phase and I wasn’t ready for it and ended up kinda flailing around.  I’m really digging the story in Glenumbra with us fighting off a werewolf invasion, having to re-kill an immortal werewolf, deciding whether or not to kill a local duke who got infected, finding a cure for infected refugees, etc.  It’s been quite a lot of fun for me to discover the story as well as the little hidden gems off the beaten path.  Since I’m in leather armor and I’m a Khajit, I’ve taken the stealth-boosting passives that I’ve got available so far, and I’ve been able to get a few sneak attacks in here and there.  My heavy attack normally does 38 right now, any my stealthed heavy did 66, so it wasn’t a bad opener.  Except that my Crystal Fragments does 107 and includes a 2 second knockdown. . . .  I wonder how much the Crystal Fragments would do from stealth?  I’ll have to check it out tonight.

I got sent back in time and met this guy.  He was a jerk!  But he's got cool armor. . .

I got sent back in time and met this guy. He was a jerk! But he’s got cool armor. . .

So, in about 3, maybe 3.5 hours of play I went from barely level 11 to barely level 14.  1 more to go for weapon swap!  And then I think I’ll break the nightblade “warlock” back out and work it up to 15 as well, with my DK “pyromancer” bringing up the rear to get to 15 and weapon swap as well.  The DK’s pretty well “built out” as far as she can go with the current skill levels and morphs so since she’s become my crafter, that will leave me points to start putting toward her crafting.  Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out as time goes by.

Happy gaming!

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