[ESO] Back to the Pyromancer

Yep, another lava landscape.  I like lava.  Sue me!

Yep, another lava landscape. I like lava. Sue me!

Due to only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before last, when I got up to my normal evening play time, I went to bed instead.  But as a result of the early bedtime, getting up after a normal night’s sleep meant I was up about 2 hours before my alarm, so I got in a morning session instead.  My bank’s still full full full, since I’m researching the various traits on the weapons, which is a slow process, so the unresearched weapons are stacking up in my pyromancer’s inventory as well as the bank, plus I’ve got crafting materials coming out my ears which are also stacking up in the bank, so I ran my Wood Elf Nightblade through the tutorial to serve as an additional inventory mule.  I couldn’t resist grabbing all the lockpicks in the tutorial zone, so I spent about 45 minutes running through it getting those all picked up.  Hit level 4 while doing it, when typically I hit 4 after leaving the zone and getting the quest turn-in for making it to Tamriel.  After hitting 4 the mobs grayed out and Lyris started making snarky remarks like “Are you sure you didn’t want 3 of you to take that one out?” at me after just about every mob kill.  I thought that was rather hilarious.  So anyway, made it to Tamriel, dropped all of the provisioning materials I’d picked up into the guild bank, sold the miscellaneous junk armor and weapons and then pulled all the crafting mats out of the bank.

Ya know... if I can see the curvature of the world, then it's not a very large world. . . .

Ya know… if I can see the curvature of the world, then it’s not a very large world. . . .

Then I swapped over to the pyromancer DK since I was missing it, since it was my 1st character and intended to be my “main.”  I bought my daily horse upgrade to increase my inventory space by another slot, then got my research started on some more traits.  Dropped all the extra gear from my inventory into the bank, and headed out into the wilds.  I went and finished the Balreth quest since he’s unbugged now, and then moving on from there my quests were at “Vivec’s Antlers” which I’d done yesterday on the nightblade, so I knew what to expect.  Even the boss mob in the coral cave that heals to full twice (making you actually kill her 3x in total) wasn’t a big deal since I knew it was going to happen and was prepared for it.  TBH, not going in blind trivialized the fight.  I just tossed the Unstable Flame dot on her, then let the NPC “friend” tank her while I did heavy staff attacks, and the occasional Flame Clench to knock her down and interrupt the big hits she was about to do, so she never took out the NPC tank and thus never really focused on me.  I also noticed that when she full heals, so do you, so there’s no reason to panic when she does like I did yesterday on the nightblade.  And now I know, and knowing is half the battle.  (Becuz I’m a child of the 80’s, watched a lot of GI Joe, and last week’s Community that was done as a GI Joe episode brought the memories all flooding back. . . . )

Cheesemonger's Hollow

Cheesemonger’s Hollow

Anyway, the quest then want to send me to some fort to the south, but I saw some interesting looking things to the north, so I went that way instead.  Found a skyshard just sitting out on a hillside, and also found a couple of solo dungeons.  The 1st one had a bunch of people in it, which I’ve come to expect, so was easily run.  The 2nd one had some people in the beginning area of it, but by the time I got to the back and the mini-boss there, I was on my own.  The mini-boss only had 700-ish HP so I figured he’d be a cakewalk, even with the little spider minion he had, but… well…. I almost killed the spider, but then he healed it, so I swapped to him and tried to take him down fast instead, but then he healed himself using the spider as his power source, and so I was ping-ponging back and forth between them, but couldn’t out do their healing, so… I eventually lost.

The lightning looks a lot cooler when it's not a screenshot.  Oh well. . .

The lightning looks a lot cooler when it’s not a screenshot. Oh well. . .

I always keep a supply of soul gems on me, though, so I rez’d in place and went in again, but better prepared this time.  Instead of trying to conserve magicka for a longer boss fight like I’d done 1st time, I hit my Burning Talons to hold them in place (so I’d be sure to hit the one I wanted), then popped my Unstable Flame on the boss, then knocked him down with the Fire Clench.  So now with him briefly out of the way, I turned to the spider, hit it with the Unstable Flame, then a Heavy Attack, and between the damage it’d already taken from the Talons, it went down.  I turned back to the boss and he was just getting back up but since he was hurt he started to channel a heal on himself.  So I hit him with the Flame Clench and interrupted that.  Another Unstable Flame since it’d now fallen off, then a couple of light attacks and he was down too.  And my health was over 80%.  Amazing how knowing a fight in advance makes a difference, isn’t it?

For all that they tend toward being snobby jerks (with their queen somehow being a notable exception to this), High Elves definitely do pretty architecture.

For all that they tend toward being snobby jerks (with their queen somehow being a notable exception to this), High Elves definitely do pretty architecture.

Anyway, it was then time to get ready for work.  I’d spent a skill point in the Blacksmithing passive that lets me research 2 items at once, so I recalled back to town and started up a 2nd item, then packed it in for the morning.  I made it to level 13, got a skill point from the Balreth quest, and had also found either 4 or 5 skyshards, so I’d gotten 3 points this morning.  Not bad for an hour and a half of play time, I don’t think.  Not bad at all.  And it rekindled (see what I did there?) my love for the fire mage, so I may just be pushing on through with this one for quite a while yet, now that I’ve got enough mules to keep the inventory under control.


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