[ESO] General play

An older shot from one of the beta weekends.  I liked how the interplay of the light worked.

An older shot from one of the beta weekends. I liked how the interplay of the light worked.

I resumed my play with my pyromancer DK last night, but a quest I ran across had one of the phasing bugs in a section, so an item that was supposed to be interactive wasn’t.  Rather than try a simple logout/login which often puts you back in the same phase and thus still bugged out, I logged over to my Templar for a bit.  Cleared the last couple of quests in Auridon out of my journal.  The area had a lot of scamps, clannfears, and ghosts, so I got to test that “Undead Explosion” and well…. the Templar was also getting the explosion proc for the same 127 points of damage that the sorcerer was getting, but I never saw this proc on any of the scamps or clannfears so it seems to be something related solely to undead.  I wish I knew what’s causing it, as I’ve only seen it on these 2 characters so far, and the only thing they have in common is that they’ve got the Silver Bolts skill purchased, but I don’t see anything about that skill that would cause such a proc (the banish that it can do does a lot more damage and is also a lot more rare) and I don’t even have it slotted when I see the proc anyway.  Besides which, you’d think Fighter’s Guild skills would affect daedra as well, so I don’t think that’s it at all.

Finished that quest, went back to the pyromancer.  And that quest was still bugged, so I simply moved on.  Found the Matron’s Clutch world boss area, and while she wasn’t up, the area was lousy with 2-dot boss level minions.  I could take them out individually just fine using just heavy attacks, Unstable Flames, and the Fire Clench.  But they took a while to kill and were only worth 140 xp, so it wouldn’t have been a good grinding spot even if I were inclined to grind out mobs.  On the other hand, then tended to drop a lot of green quality loot. . . . .

I made it to level 14 on the pyromancer, but there weren’t any other big milestones or story quests that I completed, so….. just a short little update today as I attempt to keep this daily posting thing going.  But as I settle in to ESO, I’ll probably go back to my typical much slower pace.  Such is life, right?

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