[ESO] Enchanting Leveling Strategies

The Strife Brothers

The Strife Brothers

In the comments to my last post, Pete S of Dragonchasers.com asked if I had any suggestions on finding the rune stones required to level up the enchanting skill.  I initially replied with a “Not really, but here’s what’s I’ve read” and then I realized I had about 500 words of advice from the various enchanting leveling guides I’ve read and guildies who’ve already “been there,” so….. I didn’t get a chance to play last night, so why not do a mechanics discussion post to fill space, right?  Here’s the reply that I typed out:

I just make sure to gather anything I see out in the wild.  The round runes come from the resource nodes with the red fire, but any given resource node will randomly be red, blue, or yellow, with the red aspect runes seeming to be less available, and the yellow essence runes being the most commonly found, and the blue potency runes falling toward the less found end of the spectrum, but still more than the reds.  This is anecdotal, though.  For all I know it’s a straight 1/3 chance to spawn a given node type at any time and it simply seems that the reds are found less since they’re so critical to the process.

I use the HarvestMap add-on so that I can easily go back and check the locations of nodes I’ve found before.  Since the round runes are level-independent, some on the crafter’s forum at Tamriel Foundry suggest taking a harvesting mule to one of the noobie islands, clear-cut harvesting and then you can simply run a circuit of your found nodes repeatedly in order to get more to pass through the bank to you enchanter character.  The triangle runes are similarly level independent, so they’re also useful.  Only the potency runes which govern the level of the enchantment then need to be harvested by your main in whatever zone they’re in.  Stros M’kai is said to be the best rune harvesting zone, as it’s got easily navigable wide open spaces so it’s easiest to get a good circuit going.  Rune nodes seem to respawn every 3-5 minutes, so a decent circuit is said to get you about 10-15 runes per 5 minutes and then the nodes respawn in front of you.  I don’t care for the minimap add-on myself, but it’s also said to be very useful in running circuits without needing to stop to open your main map all the time, and I can disable it for my main toons that I’m actually exploring with, while letting harvesting mules use it, I suppose.

I’ve got a bank mule in Stros M’kai right now (the noobie islands have their crafting and banks in single locations, after all — much more convenient than the later cities, except maybe Elden Root) so I’ll probably give that a go the next time I get to play in a couple of days.  I have another in Bleakrock as well.  I have a level 1 Aldmeri toon that I need to run through the tutorial and then I can see about Khenarthi’s Roost to boot.  Should be an interesting experiment, I think.

A level 30+ enchanter guildie mentioned that crafting a rune with a white “Ta” level round gives hardly any xp at all, but that the green “Jejota” rune (which is oddly enough about the same rarity as the white) gives a ton more, so his suggestion for leveling enchanting was “Use green aspect runes to level before using white — don’t save them.”

And of course there’s also the “get every character you have to level 3 enchanting and put a point into the hireling for the daily bonus runes.”  I’ve not done this yet, but plan to start soon when I actually start doing a little with the mule characters to make them useful as more than walking bank space.

And there you have it.  This is advice more geared toward doing it all on your own, but can easily be modified to work with a crafting buddy, as well since breaking down runes crafted by a person other than you also gives a lot more xp.  They just need to also have a good rune supply when they start with you as well.

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  1. Thanks! I appreciate your taking the time to write this up! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. The hireling on spare accounts idea is great. I will have to get everyone leveled so I can do that.

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