[ESO] A Friday morning post

She was in heaven meeting her current favorite character in the Disney Universe

She was in heaven meeting Anna — her current favorite character in the Disney Universe

The daily posting schedule has been lost due to IRL concerns.  Wednesday was spent with family due to my grandmother’s funeral, then yesterday…. I played quite a bit, but I also went to the local Comic Con “Fan Experience.”  Further, when I’m home, I’d rather be playing than posting, so… yeah.  Currently the NA Megasever is down for maintenance, though, so why not post now, right?

Level 35 stats

Level 35 stats

I’m now up to level 35 on my dragonknight.  The XP flow is insane.  If I’m simply “playing through” it takes between 45 minutes to an hour to level, is all.  There’s plenty to do to distract, though, so that helps to slow it down a bit.  For example, I made 35 at about 11:00 last night, then ran around the Shadowfen map to “fill in the holes” of the 3 places I still hadn’t completed.  There was also a bugged quest where the NPC I needed to talk to wasn’t appearing for anyone.  Logging out and in, exiting and relaunching the game.. nothing helped.  And I’d check it, leave, come back, leave, check again, leave…… you get the picture.  I’ve now moved on to the next zone (Eastmarch), though, and that quest turned gray, so….. I simply abandoned it.  I may pick it up again if/when I run back through older zones looking for lorebooks that I may have missed and I happen to be in that area and notice the quest marker.

This guy must have thought this was funny.  I agreed!

This player must have thought this was funny. I agreed!

I’ve also run around the Halls of the Dead group dungeon quite a lot last night.  Managed to be with some people and we were able to kill the mob that gives the bonus skill point, so that was a nice little bonus. but XP in the dungeons is simply atrocious.  I can see why ZOS dropped the xp for dugneons though.  I can currently run into a group of 6-7 mobs and pop 4-5 skills (Elemental Blockade, Burning Talons, then  2-3 shots of Elemental Ring) and they’re all dead.  If these mobs were worth “normal” XP amounts, then this would be worth a level to me about every 5 minutes which would be just that much more insane.  As it is, dungeons are a nice break from leveling instead and let you see what you can really do.  And that’s why when I finally logged off at 2:00 am, I was still “only” 35.6 when it was 3 hours of play time since the ding.

This was a very impressive looking critter

This was a very impressive looking critter

I’m also finding that I actually have enough skill points in any given moment — in fact, I even had 3 spare at one point, so I put an “extra” point” into each of my crafting professions so that I can craft gear up to level 50 already for blacksmithing (level 20), clothing (level 20), and woodworking (level 23).  My high elf sorcerer is now a level 36 alchemist and has made the run to Mournhold and re-spec’d there such that he has no combat skills at all.  He just makes potions.  I also converted my enchanting mule character into my enchanter.  She’s only level 4 as an adventurer and level 8 as an enchanter, so she’s got some work that needs to be done on her before she’ll be much use, but there’s no rush either.  While leveling, the white-quality enchants off the vendor are perfectly sufficient, after all.

Coldharbour yet again.  Why does that place look so amazing?

Coldharbour yet again. Why does that place look so amazing?

I’ve also looked at the crafting and realized that most of the traits just plain stink and aren’t worth researching, so a lot of the supposed “depth” of the crafting system went out the window right there.  For armor, the Impenetrable trait is good for pvp, but other than that it’s only really worth getting the infused and divines traits.  Infused boosts the stat enchantment that you’ll put on your armor to help get you to your softcap more easily, and divines trait boosts the effect of your mundus stone.  In my case I’m using the Mage stone (+magicka) and since I’ve been putting my level up points into magicka as well, I’m at or just below the magicka softcap at all times now, so I’ve been putting health enchantments on my gear.  Since health can go higher than magicka or stamina, though, I can see why at the 50+ levels it’s suggested to re-spec to putting them all in health and using the enchantments to get your magicka and/or stamina pool to the cap instead — they have a shorter gap to fill from the enchant effects.

Argonian . . . Aztec. . . can you spot the differences?

Argonian . . . Aztec. . . can you spot the differences?

But wait! you say.  Wouldn’t a tank want the reinforced trait?  To which I reply “Have you seen the tank buffs?”  Every tank will be well over cap while using their buffs, so adding that 5% or whatever to the base doesn’t matter.  Well fitted?  Who sprints out of combat when they have a horse?  And in combat, you either escape or not.  That very minor change from a well fitted trait won’t matter.  Training could help if you neglected to wear a piece of all types of armor as you leveled up, but I believe this would be rather rarely needed unless someone re-spec’d from a tank to a dps once they got to the 50+ levels, and since people usually don’t play a character to 50 that they plan to radically change how it plays….. nah.  Exploration… seriously?  If you had 7 pieces traited for exploration then hitting a new area would take the xp award up to…. about the amount of a single combat vs 3 mobs.  I’ll fight 1 more pack of mobs and save my trait slots for something more useful.

The Abbey of Blades is gorgeous too.  Another +1 to the Art Dept!

The Abbey of Blades is gorgeous too. Another +1 to the Art Dept!

For the weapon, it actually kinda depends.  A dual-wielder that does a lot of light attacks would probably be well served by the “weighted” trait which increases their light attack speed.  Infused trait allows the weapon enchantment to do a tad more damage, but since they don’t proc all that often I don’t know how much that really makes a difference.  Every little bit, though… right?  The precise trait adds a small amount to your crit rate (melee or spell) and in my no so humble opinion this is actually probably the best trait for a weapon as a result.  The defending trait might help a light armor user a little bit, but I’m very much a person who thinks that the best way to avoid damage to yourself is to kill the monsters really fast, so I’d prefer a damaging trait to a defensive one.

So anyway, there’s my little rant/advice section on crafting — don’t get caught up on the useless traits nor worry about filling up your bank with all these items to be researched when the traits just aren’t worth the time invested into them.  Happy gaming!

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  1. the trait effects do seem rather odd at times and most are rather pointless. You can tell the popular ones as everyone’s after them and the components for it. I think the more interesting part is the specific set bonuses

    I think I need to get that fire staff aoe build too, just not as effective against larger crowds but can tank the single boss mobs pretty well. I actually have the staff with experience atm and swap it in when handing in a quest

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