[ESO] A Crafting Update and My Add-Ons

The new healing Nightblade's stats at level 16.  Crafted white-quality gear and store-bought enchants.

My Nightblade healer’s stats at level 16 using crafted white-quality gear and store-bought enchants.

The quick update is:  DK is still 35.6 as I’ve been playing other characters.  I started a healing Nightblade in the Daggerfall Covenant.  It’s up to level 16 now and has generally kept 2 healing skills on the bar at all times in order to level them up for their morphs.  I’ve also taken the morphs on my Siphon skills and Ultimate that heal others as well.  Combat while solo feels slower, though I eventually timed a few fights and they’re generally only 6-8 seconds per mob, which is more or less what it is on any other toon at this level as well, so it’s probably in my head that “healers are slower to kill things” when in reality, not so much.  Plus I’m mighty hard to kill as well.

Gutstripper wasn't a problem at all. :D

Gutstripper wasn’t a problem at all back at level 10. 😀

I’ve also run my enchanting mule character up to level 10 in order to get her enough skill points to be able to cap out the craft, then ran her to Mournhold and respec’d her to free up those points for use as I level the enchanting skill.  My alchemist mule is still a mere level 8 adventure-wise, but now up to level 45 as an alchemist.  And finally – my “rogue sorcerer” is level 20 and working through the quests in the Stormhaven zone where I noticed the same thing as with my DK — leveling speed accelerated a ton.


Underground Stonehenge!

Underground Stonehenge!

In the time since I wrote my “traits are kinda useless” mini-rant the other day, I talked a bit about it in guild chat with someone who was asking about it.  I pointed out that Infused or Precise are the only worthwhile weapon traits and that Infused and Divines are the only useful armor traits, so that the whole researching thing really isn’t a big deal, nor does it take terribly long since 2 traits only take a total of 18 hours to research.  Another guildie pointed out that the higher level crafted sets require more traits researched per piece, though and helpfully provided a link to a chart with all the sets listed and the requirements to make them.  Scroll down a bit to see the chart.

Not quite a sword in a stone, but close enough

Not quite a sword in a stone, but close enough

I looked through them and overall I wasn’t very impressed either, though a few of the sets look kinda nice.  For example, the “Seducer” set (3 traits) with the 3% spell cost reduction could be very useful for any mage-type character, the Ashen Grip set (2 traits) for melee characters procs next to no damage a few times here and there, but hey, free damage is free damage, right?  Magnus’s Gift (4 traits) that has a 5% chance to make your spell casts free would also be nice for a caster.  The 5-piece bonus from Hunding’s Rage (6 traits) to increase weapon damage by 5% when using weapon skills would be quite nice for stamina-based builds too.  Willow’s Path (6 traits) that gives 5% spell crit would also be good for casters.  A few seem to give minors heals to tanks if their health drops, but with long-ish cooldowns on the proc, so I’m not thinking they’d be that big a deal.

The rogue sorcerer can do some fast kills vs single-targets.  You can see the whole combat in the scroll there.  Heavy bow attack from stealth to open, Venom Arrow to start a bleed, then Endless Fury to execute.

The rogue sorcerer can do some fast kills vs single-targets. You can see the whole combat in the scroll there. Heavy bow attack from stealth to open, Venom Arrow to start a bleed, then Endless Fury to execute.  The XP award was for the dungeon completion, and not that individual combat, though.

So while some sets do appear to be decent, I still don’t see them as being any huge deal either.  So my advice to any up and coming crafter would still be:

Get Infused and Precise for all weapons.  Get Infused for head, chest, and legs and Divines for gloves, boots, waist, and shoulders.  Then fill in whatever you want in order to be able to craft sets, if that’s what trips your trigger.


I thought I’d list out the mods I’m using and why as well.  In alphabetical order:

  • Borrower and Lender — makes NPC’s not speak their VO each and every time you talk to them — only the 1st time.  Makes trips to the bank when you’re constantly having to talk to the NPC multiple times as you swap between bank, inventory, guild bank, and guild store far less annoying.  Especially in Daggerfall where the NPC is always talking about “Borrowers and Lenders” and thus the name of the mod.
  • ESOHead — data gathering mod for the Esohead site.  Used to be a pre-req for the Harvest Map add-on and I’ve not removed it since the requirement was dropped.
  • Foundry Tactical Combat — provides damage number scrolls, text amounts of your resources, buff and debuff tracking, notice that a mob has dropped below 20% health so you can use your execute abilities, etc.  Basically makes the UI how it should have been all along for MMO combat.
  • Guild Store Search — compiles all your guild stores into a single window and lets you search item names.  Downside is that you can’t search by type or level that I’ve found, only names.  But it’s still a FAR FAR FAR sight better than the current official implementation of a single guild store at a time and the rest of the filters not working at all.
  • HarvestMap — after you harvest a node it adds a map pin for you so you can easily return to the same spot later to re-harvest.  It’s account wide, so later toons have the pins pre-filled too.
  • Inventory Item Borders — gives at-a-glance information about the quality of your gear and also how badly damaged your armor is.
  • LootDrop — pops up what loot you’re getting in the lower right-hand corner of the screen so you don’t have to get chat-spammed about it.
  • Wykkyd’s Framework — technically “mhFramework” and thus this position in the alphabetical list.  It’s a hook for several other mods by user Wykkyd, but also has a nice information bar you can put on your screen, an optional subtitle bar for the various scenes you sometimes need to watch for clues to how to complete a quest (or lore, or whatever), and key-bindable macros.  I only use it for the info bar myself, but there’s more to it if people want to use it for those features too.
  • Research Assistant — when on the Deconstruct tab it shows various icons to let you know if you can safely deconstruct an item, if you have duplicates with the same trait, and of course items that have traits that you still haven’t researched.
  • Skyshards — adds map pins for all the skyshards in each zone, and fills them in after you find them.
  • Softcap Info — alters your character screen to show you how close (or far) you are to the softcaps so you can’ more easily jimmy with your enchantments to get the stat distribution that you want.
  • SpamFilter — a spam filter that kinda works, sometimes.  You can add custom filters to it too, but I’ve long since turned off my zone chat, so it’s not really useful to me at all anymore either.
  • Zr Minimap — used in conjunction with the Harvest Map add-on makes those harvesting runs go much quicker.
Yes, I'm still enamored of the Coldharbour color palette.  Deal with it! ;-)

Yes, I’m still enamored of the Coldharbour color palette. Deal with it! 😉

I have noticed in a couple of spots that the HarvestMap bugs, so I have to turn it off and reload the ui to clear the error until I leave that area, but that’s rare.  I’ve only seen it twice and both times were in small caves (one was that Underground Stonehenge from the screenie up above, actually) and I could simply turn it back on once I left the cave.  I’ve also noticed when in Cyrodil and trying to use the transitus network that when in the 2 main camps that it’s stuck on the city map, and doesn’t show the whole network, making it a bit hard to travel out of those locations.  I’m assuming that it’s one of the add-ons doing it — most likely the mini-map, as the mini-map itself seems to freak out and show all of Cyrodil’s map pins for locations up in the corner of the screen but overlaid on the city map, but I’ve not yet tried disabling it while in Cyrodil to test that either.  Still and all…. these have made for a much more pleasant gaming experience for me than simply using the game’s defaults.

Happy gaming!


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