[ESO] Another Marathon Weekend

Level 47 stats after upgrading to level 46 gear.

Level 47 stats after upgrading to level 46 gear.

I focused back on my Dragonknight Fire Wizard this weekend and got her from level 35 and just barely beginning the Eastmarch zone, to level 47 and working on Coldharbour now.  Interestingly enough, I’ve been 2-6 levels “high” for nearly all the content I’ve done since Stonefalls, yet now that I’m in to Coldharbour I’m finding myself at or even a level below what I’m fighting a lot of the time.  Though I went into the public dungeon this morning before work and the mobs there were 45-46, so I was actually getting gear drops from the prior tier.

I *love* the "cloud" effect inside this portal in Coldharbour.  Looks even better in-game when in motion.

I *love* the “cloud” effect inside this portal in Coldharbour. Looks even better in-game when in motion.

But anyway, it means that Coldharbour has been a rather significant step up in the difficulty.  It also didn’t help that the crafting materials for Coldharbour only encompass the 46-50 range, so they’re kinda rare and as a result I entered the zone while still in my level 40 gear becuz there weren’t any materials in the right range in any guild banks or stores that I could find.  I’ve found enough items to deconstruct that I’ve been able to upgrade myself to level 46 gear now, though, and while it hasn’t been a huge difference, it’s still noticeable.

Yep, EP character go to Sovngarde, just like in Skyrim.  Though not for the same reason. . .

Yep, EP character go to Sovngarde, just like in Skyrim. Though not for the same reason.

I also finished up the Mage and Fighter’s Guild lines, so I’ve got access to the forges in Eyevea and the Earth Forge.  Those weren’t too difficult to do at level 42, even though they’re level 43 quests and reward level 43 gear as a result.  I’ve seen people with the title that you get for completing them as low as level 38, so they’re quite doable.  On the other hand, I’ve found that the main story line quests tend to be quite difficult for their level.  I waited until level 45 before doing the level 40 one and still felt it to be rather difficult.  The dungeons were lovely, and seeing Molag Bal’s claw coming through an anchor and then slamming into the ground and making a nice crater was rather impressive too. I was just glad that it wasn’t coming after me when it did. . . . .

So yeah, level 47.  The game proceeds apace.  I’m really enjoying my time here.


Some additional random thoughts —

I wish Enchanting leveled as quickly :-(

I wish Enchanting leveled as quickly 😦

I got my alchemist to level 50 and so he can craft any potion of any level now, so long as he has materials.  The Snakeblood skill to remove negative effects from potions is broken, though.  And the Medicinal Use skill reads as though it extends potion duration when you use them, not when you make them.  I’m not sure if that’s how it actually works, but that’s how it reads.  As it is, I’m thinking about re-spec’ing him to get him up to level 10 so he’ll have the points to fill out everything except Keen Eye and then re-spec him back, just so I can make sure of “completion” as a crafting mule.  I actually plan to at some point also turn this guy into an adventuring character, just… not for a while.  Got other characters I’m playing 😉

I really like the Dunmer staff look.  This is a level 40 green-quality one that I crafted.

I really like the Dunmer staff look. This is a level 40 green-quality one that I crafted.

I’ve also got my Clothing skill to 31, and my Blacksmith and Woodworking skills are both at level 30.  I’ve put in enough points into each skill to be able to craft up through VR2 now, plus I’ve got the “can research 3 items at a time at 20% reduced time.”  Once I’ve researched everything I need/want then I’ll re-spec out of those since there won’t be any point to having them then.  My Enchanter is level 13 now, and has 2 points in the hireling, and let me say I’m not very impressed.  I’ve gotten 2-3 runes per day from him is all.  I get that in about 10 minutes of play time on the main, so I’ll eventually re-spec out of that, but for now I’ve got points available so no reason not to leave them.  Free resources is free resources, after all.  It’s been nice that deconstruction of the loot drops I’ve been finding has been sufficient to keep the crafting level to where it needs to be in order to craft gear for myself without needing to grind out a gajillion items like in other games.

Sheogorath's Welcoming Committee when you reach Eyevea

Sheogorath’s Welcoming Committee when you reach Eyevea

I need to be better about remembering to use potions and my Ultimate skills as well.  Ultimates actually build fairly quickly, but somehow I’ve got it in my head that I should always be reserving the Ultimate skills for boss fights.  Of course, outside of boss fights I tend to not need them. . .  but that just means that I forget that I have the Ultimate and then I forget to use it in a boss fight as well.  Such is life, right?  And I tend to not remember potions until I’m in a bad way and then I’m stabbing the potion key trying to pull out a lifesaving one.  I think I’ll start using that “Easy Quickslots” add-on, perhaps.  that might help with that, at least.

An NPC gave me "hex armor" to help fight a boss.  I liked the look enough to take a screenshot of it.

An NPC gave me “hex armor” to help fight a boss. I liked the look enough to take a screenshot of it.

Fighter’s Guild skills are very nice to have in Coldharbour.  I’ve got the passive to make them also affect werewolves, so when I get onto AvA after getting into the VR ranks, I’ll be able to affect players who’ve gone that route more.  Rumor is that “everyone” who’s serious about the pvp is going vampire right now, since there’s a way to make their ultimate that hurts enemies in AE while healing yourself only cost 4, so it’s essentially “builder, ultimate” rotation back and forth and they’re virtually unkillable as a result.  ZOS is expected to correct that soon, but until they do it’s the FotM build.

Tossing down a Volcanic Rune at your feet then using the DK chain to pull a mob into is as hilarious as I’ve been told.  The rune is also nice since it actually knocks down control immune bosses as well.

+1 to the Art Dept yet again!

+1 to the Art Dept yet again!  Just a statue, not a mob, but still so well done!

Knocking a non-control immune boss off of a ledge doesn’t count as killing it.  I found that out this morning to my chagrin.  I was running the public dungeon in Coldharbour in a duo with a healer, so I was “dps tanking” while he was doing damage but also keeping me up better than I would have on my own.  We got to the final fight which is vs 3 mobs on a very high ledge.  I wanted to simply stun the “big one” so I smacked it with my staff and it went flying… over the edge and down down down….. It screamed as it fell, which was a slightly creepy realistic touch, then when it died at the bottom… it simply disappeared.  No quest credit for the kill.  And thus we couldn’t get the dungeon completion.  /sadpanda

And this is plenty long enough now, so…. Happy Gaming!

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