[ESO] Craglorn Update

Level 10 stats, and the heavy armor looks the same at 10 as it did at 6.  Wonder what it will look like at 16?

Level 10 stats, and the heavy armor looks the same at 10 as it did at 6. Wonder what it will look like at 16?

No, I’ve not actually gone into Craglorn — it’s for VR10 people, after all, and I’m only VR1 on my DK.  Sure, the devs have said you *can* go in at VR1, but that if you did it would be “very hard.”  But, the update went in yesterday and. . . . they broke their game again.  All the add-ons are now listed as “out of date” though checking the “allow out of date add-ons” box at least allowed me to run them.  Most of them.  I found myself having to turn off the mini-map quite a bit, and the one that shows how close or far you from the softcap on your stats was stuck at a static screen that didn’t show stats updating at all and also left your crit chance fields blank, so it not only was no longer useful, but slightly detrimental, so I turned that one off until it’s updated.  And the UI simply would go non-responsive for everyone at times, so /reloadui was the bug-workaround of the night.

Faffing about in Betnikh

Faffing about in Betnikh

Last night I “faffed about” on the new sorcerer.  I’d gotten to level 6 before going to Stros M’kai, and Stros got me to level 8 before last night and I logged out on Betnikh.  Last night’s session started on Betnikh and I made it to level 9 while there.  An odd bug that popped there was that while I was doing the graveyard area I charged the staff, killed the various abominations, then went to talk to the king and go re-live his memory.  I went into the portal and…… I was in the final phase of the final story quest for the zone.  There were traps and mobs that I shouldn’t be able to see nor kill.  I went in to the “Inner Sanctuary” and there were *2* of the final boss in there.  Completely untargetable, but they both started going after me.  Fortunately they don’t actually hit very hard and I cold LOS them a lot and eventually get them to leash due to LOS, amazingly enough.  Couldn’t get out either door, though, so ended up teleporting out to a wayshrine.  And then realized I no longer had the graveyard quest in my journal either.

Bye bye, Limbscather you annoying Lurcher, you!

Bye bye, Limbscather you annoying Lurcher, you!

Finished up the 3rd area then went back to the graveyard and the quest giver for it spawned and ran up to me like I’d never been there before.  On the repeat the quest worked flawlessly, though.  And then from there I went and finished the story for the zone, taking me to about 9.2 level-wise.  So on to Glenumbra where I did all the gray and green quests in Daggerfall and those were enough to get me to 10.  Since I upgrade my gear on the 6’s and the 10’s that meant I was due for an upgrade, so I logged in my main since she’s my crafter.  Her armor is a LOT more ornate than it used to be.  I thought I was taking screenshots of my login screen to show the new armor looks for all of my toons (except the new NB and sorc — they looked the same, as did my melee sorc’s imperial leather, but the other 5 all look quite different) but they all came out as just black screens, so I don’t get to show you today.  Anyway, with the changes to the set bonuses, I ran around and crafted the 5-piece Magnus set, since it gives a 5% chance for any spell cast to be cost-free at 3, and then at 5 pieces it gives a bonus to magicka.  At level 10 that’s 19 more points, which is what a white enchant on your chest piece will give, so essentially a free enchant there.  And then I went with the 3-piece Seducer set for the 3% cast-cost reduction as well.  Eventually I may go for sets that give 5% critical, but since I’ve got Mage Light and a precise-traited staff, I don’t really feel the need right now.  After the gear upgrade my magicka is soft-capped.  Nice!  Now if only I could find some decent jewelry that I could drop +spell damage enchants on. . . .    I did pick up a couple of level 25 rings from the guild store that give magicka and spell damage, but it will be a while before I can use them.

Yes, I take pictures of Achievement Spam on every character.  It's become reflexive. . .

Yes, I take pictures of Achievement Spam on every character. It’s become reflexive. . .

So anyway, that was last night.  This morning I woke up before my alarm and had an hour to kill so I decided to go back to the melee sorcerer in Coldharbour and finish up the southeastern portion of the map.  I’ve done everything there except the story quest to free Vanus Galerion and the public dungeon, so I headed over.  Grabbed the skyshard out front, then headed on in and realized I didn’t have the quest for it, so headed back outside and walked a little way out on the road that I’d gone around to go get the skyshard instead and there was the quest giver. . . . .  So back on in.  Got his health and his stamina restored to him so far, but as I was moving toward the final area to get his magicka back I realized that this room I was fighting through was respawning *really* fast, and a guy was running circles around the room just grinding mobs.  And they were so fast to respawn that I could go the other direction and we really weren’t interfering with each other.  But then I joined with him and we ran the circle together and, well…. I went from 48.6 to 49.3 in about a half hour.  Very fast xp.  Plus it’s leveling my Fighter’s Guild, which is always a good thing as it will get me closer to my Dawnbreaker ultimate which will passively boost my damage when I slot it in, which will be quite nice for the VR levels, I think.

Another nice thing about that grind was that I was running the Evil Hunter proc buff from Fighter’s guild and since it refreshes itself on any kill of a daedra or undead, I only had to cast it once an then it was constantly up for the full half-hour grind.  When the factors would all align and I’d get a critical hit on my attack, plus on the proc I could almost 1-shot these mobs with their 1293 HP.  Do a Silver Bolts hit on the mob as I run in and then a single heavy attack and the mobs wouldn’t even get up, assuming I got the crits.  Didn’t happen *that* often, but it was often enough that it was fun to notice when it happened.

Hopefully the add-on writers will update their stuff and ZOS will be able to fix their UI from going non-responsive quickly.  As it is, the game’s still very playable, just some slight frustration when the UI doesn’t work right.

Happy gaming!

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