[ESO] My name is pkudude99 and I’m an altoholic

Last night, Belghast had an Alliance of Awesome event planned for “Faffing about in Dungeons” but it didn’t end up happening due to not many people logging in for it.  I actually made it in on time, but … such is life.  Even so, I’ve still been playing around quite a bit.  My Nightblade Healer is 24 now (up from 20), my Nightblade Tank is level 17 (up from 10), and my Breton “Warmage” Sorcerer is level 16 (also up from 10), and my Khajit Melee Sorcerer is at Vr1 now as well.

Ding 50/VR1!

Ding 50/VR1!

Melee Sorc I actually ended up grinding to VR1 in that room I mentioned in the last post, then upgrade all my gear to VR1 level via my main’s crafting abilities, then ran through the rest of Coldharbour.  Since I’d already done most of the zone, and since you don’t get Veteran XP for mob kills in non-veteran zones, I only got maybe 15K VXP for the remaining quests in the zone, but I got through it all quite handily.  From there into Khenarthi’s Roost and the stuff in there got my to about 60K, so a little over 12% of the vet level so far.  I’ve not yet done anything in Auridon proper, though, since that’s where my NB tank is leveling and I felt like working that toon through the zone 1st.

Graknar the Nightblade Tank after his level 16 armor upgrade

Graknar the Nightblade Tank after his level 16 armor upgrade

So yeah, NB tank has now completed Auridon (finished it up last night instead of the dungeon faffing) and is level 17.  In the low levels, at least, I don’t see why people bag on nightblades.  I can simply destroy any of the regular trash mobs, including 3-pack groups.  I often finish fights at full health even vs the 3-packs.  Quest bosses I also tend to finish at full health unless I mess up somehow, and even then I’m still sitting well over 50% health.  I even tried to solo a world boss with 3500 HP (to my 600) without any CC skills and I’d gotten it to below 1000 HP before I messed up and missed a block (one of those moments of indecision — I hit block, then thought, no I can walk out of this cone, so I dropped the block to move and. . . . yeah).  3 other people rolled up then, so we just overpowered it, but I’d still done quite well on my own, I thought.  So… I guess I’ll see in Grahtwood if it starts to change any for him, but for now…. loving that NB tankiness.  Can’t wait until I get my Siphoning Attacks and have better resource management.  I think I’ll “own harder” after that 😉  I have to wonder if the reason that I’m doing fine with this character is due to the melee work I’ve done with the sorcerer, though.  It seems like people seem to struggle if they can’t AE blast through a group in 4 seconds, but since I’m used to doing the 1-at-a-time thing with the sorc, it doesn’t bug me with this character either, perhaps?

I really like the glowing eye effect after you get the Inner Light morph, although in long shots it looks more like a glowing mask, so maybe not so much then ;-)

I really like the glowing eye effect after you get the Inner Light morph, although in long shots it looks more like a glowing mask, so maybe not so much then 😉

The Breton “Warmage” is still working through Glenumbra, and is mostly done.  I hit 16 and decided that I’d do like on my other casters though, and instead of going 5 heavy pieces, go with 5 light pieces instead.  Nothing’s really getting close enough to hit her anyway, so the bonuses from the light armor for cast cost reduction just seem to make more sense in order to eliminate downtime in between fights.  But I found that I don’t quite have enough traits researched in all the right pieces for her to have the set bonuses that I want (though the research is in progress for the needed number, of course) so I’ve shelved her for a few days until I get that squared away on my crafter.  Something odd that I noticed with her is that while I’ve been using a restoration staff in order to level it up, I’ve been running a bar with 3 class skills, a mage guild skill, and a destruction staff skill to allow it to level… and the destruction staff general skill has been leveling faster from having that 1 skill on the bar than the restoration staff general skill has been while it’s been in use.  At 15 when I gained weapon swap I put a destruction staff in my 2nd bar and also spent a point in Regeneration so that when using that bar I’ll still also be leveling my resto-staff skill too.  It’s kinda fun to pop Regeneration myself before a fight then swap to the destruction staff and fight all while the heal is ticking on me.  Works quite well, though I definitely miss the magicka regen from weaving in restoration staff heavy attacks when using the other weapon.  Still…. gotta level those skills, so it’s getting used too.

With the Craglorn update, HoT ticks can now crit, so Inner Light became a nice new tool to boost healing -- so you get to see more glowy eyes

With the Craglorn update, HoT ticks can now crit, so Inner Light became a nice new tool to boost healing — and as a result you get to see more glowy eyes

The Nightblade Healer I’d kinda forgotten how to play, so it took a couple of fights (and even a death when I turned a corner into a 3-pack and they kept uppercutting me and I missed blocks) before i got back into the swing of it.  Of course once I did, then I was nigh unstoppable again.  It’s also kinda fun to see someone in trouble and be able to toss a heal on them to save their life and then burst down the mobs that were killing them.  There’s usually a surprised “thanks” in /say when I do that, wondering how I could heal them and also do as much damage to the mobs as I just did.

So anyway….. one of these days I’ll break out my level 18 templar again.  One of these days. . . . . Until then, though — Happy Gaming!

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  1. Now that I’ve settled on a build for my main (DK, Dual Wield, Bow, Heavy Armor, stam build) I am trying REALLY hard NOT to give into my usual Alt-problem.

    I want a 2H sword wielding mage. I want a classic staff mage. I want a Nightblade Tank. I want a Nightblade Healer. I want. I want.

    So far focusing on my DK is working.

    • I focused on my DK initially, but made the 8 “concepts” on the 1st day that I felt I wanted. Since then 2 of them were deleted and remade in the meantime, but I’ve got 2 VR1’s now, so I’m indulging on my altoholism more now.

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