[ESO] Sorcerers Can Do Some Crazy Things

Level 30 armor appearance

Level 30 armor appearance

Haven’t played a whole lot the past few days due to IRL issues, but I woke up an hour before my alarm today and got a decent session in.  Made it to level 32 in my prior session and nearly made it to 33 this morning in that time, so it felt pretty quick.

So there I was, looking at the world boss on her little island.  She had a bunch of regular adds around her, but no world boss level ones like some do, so they didn’t appear that they’d be a problem.  But she had over 9,000 HP when the bosses I’ve seen up until now tend to be more like 4-5,000.  You only live once, right?  Besides which… I can always respawn and come back with friends later too.

I opened with my Greater Storm Atronach to tank it and killed off the 2 adds that were in range and aggro’d as a result of it, then began focusing on the main mob.  The GSA tanked it like a champ, but when his 25 seconds were up, she was still sitting at over 5,000 HP.  Not looking good!  Fortunately she’s controllable, so spamming Crystal Fragments on her is keeping her mostly out of the fight, but even with alternating CF with my restoration staff’s heavy attacks to regen my magicka I still kept seeing that magicka pool drop lower…. and lower…. and lower…….

Soled a 9K hp world boss.  Go me!

Soloed a 9K hp world boss. Go me!

On the bright side, she’s a caster and my spell resistance is soft-capped, plus she periodically stops to throw out easily dodge-able spells too, so I was sometimes able to get 2-3 heavy attacks in a row to regen my magicka while not losing too much health.  Still ended up popping a health potion at one point, but…… Well, the final result is there to the left.  According to Recount there I did 150 dps over the long run and since she had a touch over 9K HP, it means the fight was over a minute long.  But I got her all by myself!

I think I would have tried this mob solo on my DK and used my destruction staff and the Fire Clench knockback on this one, but I’m not sure I would have actually been able to do it.  The DK had less self-healing at that point in the leveling curve and since the mob is a caster and thus generally tried to keep range, the melee range knockback might not have helped as much.  My melee sorcerer would have tried this using Absorption Field and Crystal Fragments, but since he’s a stamina-based build I don’t think the CC from magicka would have lasted long.  OTOH, he already had Critical Surge by this point, so he may have surprised me.  Even so… I still felt like it was pretty crazy to be able to solo such a high HP mob and it felt like a great accomplishment when I did it.  I wish more fights in any MMO felt like that — a nail biter but you can pull it out.  Most trash fights are simply “mow down the xp-and-loot pinatas” anymore.  Such is life, right?

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  1. I do love self-imposed challenges like that. We used to under-man dungeons in WoW quite a lot just for the added challenge. Grats on taking the boss down! It’s good that cc abilities work on bosses, is that true of all, including in dungeons as well or just the open world ones?

    • Sometimes it works on them, sometimes it doesn’t. Generally if it’s a “big mob” like a gargoyle or a bone golem or a storm atronach it won’t work, but most humanoid mobs it does. This mob was an orc, so… there ya go. That said, it’s still only “most” humanoid mobs . . . . Sometimes it still just doesn’t work. And in my limited dungeon experience, CC doesn’t work on any dungeon boss at all.

      Last night I went after a Nereid world boss that had “only” 7200 hp. Messed up and was on the wrong bar when I tossed me ultimate so I hit her with the Absoprtion Field instead, so she was stunned for 12 seconds that I used for free damage on her, then tried more or less the same strategy. This one would drop ground AE’s at my feet so I was dodging, and her guaranteed spell hits were getting me for 243 damage even with my capped out spell resist, so my healing couldn’t quite keep up. I still got her down to 18% and was trying to spam Endless Fury on her to finish her off, but it didn’t happen. After respawn someone else was there so as a duo we simply rolled over her.

      I was still impressed that I did as well as I did solo without the GSA to tank her for 25 seconds while hurting her, but instead just stunning her for 12 seconds with no added damage. I think that had I not messed up and cast the wrong ultimate I would have had her solo too, but…. such is life. I’m still digging these elite challenges a lot more than steamrolling the trash. OTOH, I think I am appreciating when it is a challenge because it’s usually not……

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