[ESO] Templaring through Stonefalls

Fort Virak

Fort Virak

I think “templaring” is going to catch on.  2 years to the Oxford Unabridged!  Or not…..

I finished up Stonefalls last night.  Something interesting to me was that in my earlier exploring I’d run across the city of Kragenmoor but didn’t find any quest givers there.  This is odd since any location in any zone typically will have quest givers ringed around it so that no matter which direction you come in from, you still get the quest for the area.  But after finishing up Fort Virak (Viraak?) my quest NPC mentioned Kragenmoor…. but didn’t give me a breadcrumb quest to go there either.  I already had the breadcrumb to go into the next zone, and I knew from time spent on a) my EP dragonknight and b) I have the Kragenmoor wayshrine on my map that there had to be more, so…… teleported to Kragenmoor and hey lookit that!  2 quest givers now.  One’s the Argonian comedian who wants to learn Dunmer humor so he can be a success all across the Pact, and the other greeted me with “Ah!  The hero of Fort Virak!”  So… that explains why I didn’t see him before, if the game actually required Fort Virak to be completed as a prerequisite for this chain.

On a treasure map hunt near Ash Mountain

On a treasure map hunt near Ash Mountain

Anyway, ran through both those quest lines in the small dungeon off to the west of the city.  I vaguely remembered the part where you get turned into a wisp and have to avoid the ghosts in one section, but I didn’t remember the Argonian comedian’s dialog options saying [He lives] or [He dies] as part of them before either.  From there I got sent to the Tormented Spire.  I remembered the landscape there and needing to dodge traps in various caves, but that was about it, so it still felt pretty new.  At least until the big fight at the end with the “2nd Brother of Strife.”  Due to it bugging out the 1st time I tried it on my DK and having to exit to let it reset and then re-do it, that fight stuck in my mind.  It really didn’t seem any harder doing it vs VR1 mobs than when the DK did it vs level 16 mobs, so that’s good I guess.

The entrance to the Tormented Spire.  Not really the most inviting looking place, is it?

The entrance to the Tormented Spire. Not really the most inviting looking place, is it?

I finally finished getting some skills to 4, so it was time to load up the bar with new skills to train.  Gotta have them for when I want them in the later VR levels, right?  Thing is though…. these actually look like they’ll be the last skills I’ll feel like I “need” and I’ve already got 11 skill points unused, and I’ll continue to get more through the story lines and finding skyshards, so it’s going to be interesting to see if I find other skills I do want to use or if I just end up letting them build up.  Time will tell on that.

Inside the Tormented Spire

Inside the Tormented Spire

Of course, as much as I’m enjoying playing this character, I’m already starting to get the urge to go back to working on my Nightblade tank….. or even make a new DK to play in a style other than as a pyromancer.  I’m thinking a leather armor dual-wielder that yanks mobs in and then does the Flurry on them like I did back in the beta weekends would be fun.  I’m told that dropping a Volcanic Rune down then yanking a mob into it is hilarious…..  Perhaps a fire staff as the alternate weapon for when AE is needed.  That could work.

Sadal in process of being "re-bound."

Sadal in process of being “re-bound.”

On the other hand, with learning recently (due to a thread on the official forums that I can’t seem to find to link to today, but it had a lot of numbers and testing and such that convinced me) that Heavy Armor is essentially useless and that Medium Armor is the best tanking armor (still using the 1H and Shield, of course), perhaps either restarting or re-specing my NB tank is in the cards.  My NB healer/wizard is quite fun to play and was cutting through Rivenspire that last time I played her, so it’d be fun to go back and see what kind of trouble I can get into with her too.  Decisions decisions. . . . . .

Edit to update:  Found the thread!  And re-read it and found that light armor, possibly a 5/2 Light/Medium split is considered best, since Light armor passively softcaps spell resist, and then class buffs from any class allow for at least softcapping (if not hardcapping) physical resist as well, and the light armor enables re-casting those buffs more often.

Happy gaming!

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