[ESO] Still more with the Templar

Ding VR3!

Ding VR3!

My Templar’s VR3 now, and almost done with Deshaan zone.  I vaguely remembered most of it, but specifically remembered very little of it from my 1st playthrough on my DK.  Something I did remember, though, was that all the world bosses were easily soloable with a single skill — Fire Clench.  They’re all melee, so you just keep using that to knock them back and then drop a couple of heavy attacks on them while they’re stunned and then running back at you.  Makes me sad to see all the requests for help with the various bosses, since the mobs are cc’able, which means anyone at all can take them out.  Just shows that people get locked into patterns of playing and never think outside that box, I guess.  I know I’m certainly guilty of it.  ESO actually works against this a bit by requiring you to have skills on your bars to level them up, though, so at times you may have a “non-optimal” build going with a skill or 2 that you’re leveling, and as long as it’s on the bar you may as well use it and find that it can be quite a nice addition to your toolbox.

A gorgeous Deshaan Sunset

A gorgeous Deshaan Sunrise

Anyway, I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this week’s playing.  The EP story lines were forgettable on the DK, and seem to be just as forgettable now.  Deshaan’s overall story is about a group of cultists unleashing a plague on the denizens of the zone in order to try to weaken and discredit the 3 gods of the Tribunal to pave the way for Boethiah the Daedric Prince (supposedly one of the “good” ones) to come take over instead.  I dunno why, but the EP story just doesn’t so it for me.  OTOH, back in Greenshade zone in Aldemeri I was jonesing to get back in the game to find out where the story went next.  Malabal Tor I don’t recall much about, but then fighting the Dark Mane and installing the new one in Reaper’s March was wickedly cool too.  Even so….. since I barely remember the EP stuff, it still has a new-ish feel for me, and like I said in my last post — it’s all the same level so I can explore anywhere I want and not worry about being overleveled for the zone or anything.  Makes for a fuller quest log at times — a wealth of things to do or directions to go.  Nothing like “go there next for optimum leveling while mobs still give xp.”

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