[Blaugust] [ESO] Gear Makes a Difference Even At Low Levels

Keodan the DK

Keodan the DK

As mentioned below, my alt-itis was working on me and I created a new DK to play.  As is my wont, I ran through the Coldharbour tutorial, since it easily gets you to level 4 in about 15-20 minutes, where skipping it starts you at level 3.  Then after getting to Stonefalls (I went Ebonheart Pact on this character) I ran around collecting the outdoor skyshards and the lorebooks to get my Mage’s Guild skill line to level 2 so I could grab the Mage Light skill.  From there, I went into Deshaan and over to Mournhold in order to respec past some of the crappy 1st-tier skills, specifically Fiery Grip and Spiked Armor.  Fiery Grip is seriously one of the worst skills in the game.  It does very low damage and just annoys everyone around you when you use it on a mob that they were attacking.  It does have some limited use when you’re tanking, but in general there are better skills to use then either.  And since I don’t plan on tanking with this character, I don’t need the Spiked Armor skill either, so there ya go.

Anyway, as I ran around I got the exploration XP, so I dinged to level 5 while still in Stonefalls (and thus also ran the level 5 story mission since it’s just the Prophet talking to you, so free XP, skill point, and blue-quality ring), and dinged 6 about as I got to Mournhold.  While I was level 5, though, I decided to take on a 2-pack of level 5 mobs while I was still “stuck” with just Fiery Grip, Spiked Armor, and Dark Talons as my only 3 active skills.  I could take out single mobs well enough, so I figured that I could take on 2 as well.  Boy was I wrong. . . . . . .  Well no, I did manage to kill the 1, and got the other one down about halfway.  But I was still using the level 1 weapons I’d picked up in Coldharbour with their 11 damage rating, and my armor was only 3 pieces out of 7 and all white quality with no traits or enchantments, so it could definitely have been better.

Who comes up with the base color palettes in this game?  *shudder*

Who comes up with the base color palettes in this game? *shudder*

After dinging level 6, I swapped to my crafting DK and made a full set of gear for myself.  For the lower levels I like to use 5 light, 1 medium, and 1 heavy piece in order to level the heavy and medium armor skills to 22 in case I decide I want to grab the active skills that unlock at that level, so I made a heavy chest and medium helm, and also since I don’t have weapon swapping yet, I just made the single weapon type for myself, though since my current weapon of choice is dual-wielding it was still 2 weapons, just not to swap. 😉  With the recent crafted set bonus changes, I went with 2 pieces of the Torug’s Pact set for the bonus Magicka, 4 pieces of Twilight’s Embrace for the Spell Crit and Spell Damage, and 3 pieces of Willow’s Path for the Magicka and the Spell Crit.  Armor I upgraded to green quality and I made the daggers blue.  A full set of white-quality magicka glyphs and 2 of the flame glyphs for the weapons rounded out the set.

All this served to take my weapon crit to 5% (from weapons) and spell crit to 20% (weapons, plus Mage Light and the gear set bonuses), more than doubled my magicka pool (which increases class skill damage quite a bit), and added a touch to my health pool too from the Twilight’s Embrace set as well.  Each weapon now has a damage rating of 26, and on my character sheet I was sitting on 29/25 for the weapon damage, so I was well into overcharging.  I went back to Stonefalls and took on that same level 5 2-pack of mobs and finished the fight with 96% health.  So if anyone tells you that gear doesn’t mean much in the low levels of a game — laugh at them!  Okay, not really…. but yeah, quite a difference.

After all that was done, I headed off to Bleakrock Isle since it’s pretty much free XP, and I actually rather like that little zone.  Of course by doing it at level 6 instead of level 4 and in a full gear suit with set bonuses it was very easy and very quick, and I still made it to level 8 by the time I was done.  I’m now in Bal Foyen, but just went into the town of Dhalmora as of yet.  Haven’t picked up any quests or started the zone at all.

And there’s the latest update.  Happy gaming, whatever you’re playing!

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