[FFXIV] Wait, what?

A rather inventive "zeppeling cart" and I think the world itself looks quite nice.

A rather inventive “zeppelin cart” and I think the world itself looks quite nice.

Yes, you read that right.  I’ve decided to give FFXIV a whirl.  I got an Amazon gift card from work for going “above and beyond” during a recent office move (I’m the IT guy, I just did what needed to be done, but hey, if they wanna pay me extra for it. . . . ), and since Belghast’s been doing some interesting sounding write-ups of the game lately, I figured “Why not?” and am now giving it a go.

Nice looking residential districts

Nice looking residential districts

Haven’t really gotten very far, and while I know that any given character can change to any given class or job simply by changing weapons, so you theoretically only need 1 character, I’ve made 3 so far in order to experiment with different racial appearances (though I seem to be on something of a dark elf kick right now for some reason) and also to see the 3 different starting zones.

Elynna the Arcanist

Elynna the Arcanist

Based on Bel’s Class Guide that he posted earlier in the month, I thought that the Arcanist sounded like it was something that I’d like a lot, so I went with that.  He described it as “hard to start” but I’ve not had any trouble up to level 16 so far.  It’s a pet class, which I kinda missed seeing in his description somehow, and I normally don’t really go for those, but I’ve been enjoying it well enough, even if my personal damage numbers seem kinda small.  Thus be it ever with pet classes, after all.  I made this one…. um…. the elf analog race.  And made it a dark elf with white hair.  I thought it turned out pretty well.  This character was also my “learn how this game works” character, being 1st, and so it has leveled slower than I might have otherwise as I’ve learned the ins and outs of the maps and what I can and can’t do.  This one I’ve actually gone and unlocked the Marauder class as well and made it to level 9 with my 2H axe to boot so I could see what melee is like.

Jonna the Conjurer

Jonna the Conjurer

Still and all, I wanted to see what the other mage classes were like, so I started a conjurer.  Its primary damage spell does a lot more than the arcanist, but the “ACN” gets a pet.  I’m only level 10 so far on the CNJ I think, but with its large heal, good defense buff and decent damage, I’m liking this character more than the 1st, I think.  This one I made one of the…. fox people?  Cat people?  Not really sure what they’re supposed to be other than teen-age looking with tails, fangs, and floppy ears.  The appearance on this one I feel is merely “ok” as I’m not really into that young girl look.  It’s why I can’t take the gnome analog race (Lalla-something) seriously.  They look (and the NPC’s act) like little kids with big ears.

Gotter Dammerung the Thaumaturge

Gotter Dammerung the Thaumaturge

Anyway….. Since I still felt like I wasn’t doing as much damage as I wanted to, I made a Thaumaturge.  This one took me a bit to figure out the dance between when to cast Fire vs Ice spells and the “aspect switch” skill and such, but now the skill dance is kinda fun, though it’s easy to lose the train of it if I don’t focus completely.  All that with only 4 buttons. . . .    This one I made from the orc/ogre analog race, but again went with a kind of a dark elf look.  Yes, I know I could look these race names up, but I don’t feel like it right now so 😛  Anyway, I made it as tall as I could, so I think some of the screenshots I’ve been taking are kinda funny with her towering over even regular humans, much less the gnomes.

The Thaumaturge is REALLY tall. . . .

The Thaumaturge is REALLY tall!

I’m still getting my feet wet and learning the ropes, but I’m getting there, so hopefully will have more to talk about soon.  In case you wonder about my ESO stuff….. I have fallen out of the habit of playing it now, and the couple of times I’ve logged in recently to get my hireling emails and level up my horses I’ve not felt like actually playing it, so I don’t know if I’ll keep my sub going anymore, but we’ll see.  Right now FFXIV isn’t truly grabbing me either, so this “nomadic” install may not last.  Time will tell.

Happy gaming!

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  1. FFXIV is a lot of fun. It’s very beautiful and the zones are designed with a lot of detail. I do like the class swapping as well, no excuse for getting bored with your character! I made the mistake of playing conjurer as my first class – I tend to like healing as a role. It ended up making the mandatory story dungeons as you level too intimidating, I would have been better having a DPS role leveled in sync to do those on at least for the first run through.

    Enjoy your time in the game!

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