[CivBE] Civilization: Beyond Earth — A Review

But it just came out on Friday!  How could you possibly have played it enough to review it?

Well…. it came out Thursday night for me, and I have a bunch of vacation I need to use before the end of the year so I took Friday off.  And played most of the weekend.  I’ve already got over 50 hours in-game according to my Steam front page.  I’ve also completed 6 full games and am on my 7th now. with 46 out of 64 achievements completed.  So yeah, I’ve got the time in.  But this will be short, actually, becuz I found a review that I pretty much could have written, so I’ll just link it at the end after I’ve said my bit.

The good:

1…more….turn….  Yes, it’s just as addictive as the prior installments.  It’s not a misnomer to call it “Civ5 in Space” at all, and I’ve got 1400-ish hours in Civ5 now, so obviously for me, that’s a very good thing.

It’s also far less of a resource hog than Civ5 is.  Loads quicker and doesn’t make my pc beg for death.

The bad:

The various choices that you make really don’t matter.  Your base units that upgrade based on your affinity level are all identical, and the various upgrades that you can choose are really just flavor and fluff, not anything that matters.  Most bonuses you can choose with researched techs or as quest rewards are also quite small and don’t really matter either.  My method of choosing my affinity now relies on how much of the affinity-linked resource I have around my starting area — Floatstone gets Purity, Xenomass gets Harmony, and… um… the yellow crystal get Supremacy.  Becuz other than that, it’s irrelevant.  The units are all the same across affinities, they just have a different look, is all.  Even the “special affinity-only” units that unlock in the mid-to-late game have identical stats — they just look different.  Even Harmony affinity that supposedly is “going native” still terraforms the place.  I’d have thought that the different affinities would have differing tile improvements to reflect their philosophy.

There are also only 2 victory types.  Sure they say there are 5, but……. there’s domination where you capture all the enemy capitals, and then the other 4 can all be summed up as “Research some techs to get affinity level 13, launch a satellite, build a wonder, and wait 20-ish turns for the other factions to try to stop you.”  Except in the Contact “type” you don’t even need affinity level 13, just the right techs, a satellite launch, and wait 20 turns.  Supremacy and Purity do require your active participation in those 20 turns — with Supremacy you sacrifice units to your wonder until you’ve done enough (typical units actually need 21 turns, though if you’ve got a lot of cash you can buy your “special” unit and sacrifice it and reduce this to only 9-11 turns), and with Purity you pull units out of your wonder and then go “settle” them — but the other 2 are literally just “wait 20 turns.”  I think the idea is that other civs can see you’ve built the wonder and then declare war on you and try to destroy it to keep you from winning.  It makes it such that as far as I’m concerned that if you’re just going for the quick win, that Contact is the best one.  No tech requirement other than the 1 for the satellite and the wonder and boom you’re done.

The ugly:

1…more…turn. . . .  — I actually pulled a couple of all nighters this weekend, then slept in the morning on Saturday and Sunday both.  So, for all the frustration listed above and in the linked review below…… it’s still a very compelling game and I can’t wait to get home to play some more tonight.

Here’s that review.  And happy gaming!

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