[TSW] Finally Made it to Tokyo

Yeah, yeah.  Everyone's a victim. . . .

Yeah, yeah. Everyone’s a victim. . . .

I finally logged in to TSW again the other night and finished up the mission in the Venetian Sewers (how does a below sea-level and sinking city have sewers that aren’t flooded?  Too much Indiana Jones 3?)  Since FFXIV got me back into the “mostly tab-target” playstyle again I actually felt like I could control it again.  After months of ESO’s permanent mouselook action-style controls, the prior time or 2 had been an exercise in frustration with learning how to move in the different style of game again.  Sure, I could hit T and go into mouselook, but then having to pop in and out of it manually in order to loot anything was … less than optimal.

YOU again!

YOU again!

So anyway, did the sewers, learned the maze over time, killed some rogue Phoenicians, confronted what’s-his-bucket, and then headed into the Tokyo subways.    I met Sarah and had the “fun” of pulling mobs over so that she’d attack them to use her aegis on them so that I could actually kill them.  Kited a few bosses around that I couldn’t touch (and didn’t find it fun at all — I want control of what I’m doing when I play — I *hate* having to wait for NPC’s — *especially* in combat) until she eventualy whittled off their aegis shields and then finished them off too.

Poor poor Sarah :(

Poor poor Sarah 😦

And in to Tokyo.  Met a few NPC’s, picked up a few quests, and ran out and started playing with aegis myself.  Only purpose it seems to serve is to make the fights take longer, and 1 boss-type quest mob had 2 aegis shields so you had to whittle one off then the other, then the 1st again since it regenerated.  Honestly, I didn’t find the aegis system to add anything to the game except a bit of frustration at being in combat with invulnerable mobs.

Don't recall this NPC's name, but she had panache!  I really liked her.

Don’t recall this NPC’s name, but she had panache! I really liked her.

I’m sure that once I get aegis for my 2nd weapon slot and perhaps the body slots to get my own aegis up it will seem nicer, but for now…. not a fan.  And when the boss-guy with the 2 shields eventually killed me since I couldn’t whittle him down quick enough, I just gave up in frustration for the night and, well…. it’s been Civ:BE since 😉  But I’ll be back.  TSW’s still got its hooks in me and I like to pop in from time to time… and it feels like it’s time again.

Happy gaming!

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