[TSW] Samhain 2014 and more Tokyo

The Tower Defence quest giver.  He seems to have a bit of a screw loose.....

The Tower Defence quest giver. He seems to have a bit of a screw loose…..

I’d heard previously that the mission called “Tower Defence” (yes, the British spelling) gives you more aegis controllers for your 2nd weapon, so I did that one.  I thought the descriptions I’d read said that I could pick which controller I got at the end, but instead I got a package that randomly awarded me one.  Psychic (purple shield) in my case.  My cooldown expired yesterday so I can run it again and see what I get this time, but I didn’t make it on last night.  Such is life.

I'm pretty sure every Lumie has taken this screenshot after having been completely weirded out by it.  This is a DEMON calling her a goddess, after all....

I’m pretty sure every Lumie has taken this screenshot after having been completely weirded out by it. This is a DEMON calling her a goddess, after all….

As it is, I’ve done quite a few missions and I also plunked down for enough points to buy the 3 mission pack DLC modules.  I’ve got my demonic aegis to level 1.2 now, and a psychic controller ready to upgrade to 1.1, but everything I’ve read says it’s better to get a single controller to 1.4 for maximum enhancers and capacitors, then to work the others up also.  As it was, I got enough of the tokens I needed to get from 1.0 to 1.1 on the demonic aegis, but I ended up shelling out 3 million pax on the auction house to buy the upgrade tool for 1.2.  I should have enough tokens for another tool for 1.3 by the time I have enough xp applied to the controller, though.

Aegis stats at QL2

Aegis stats at QL2

With the upgrades on the aegis, plus some SP spent in the “increase aegis damage” line and QL2 enhancers and capacitors installed now, the base 5% aegis penetration is now up to 21.8%.  I’m using an Assault Rifle/Shotgun build and I use the elite skill Razor Wire as my opener (good range, snares the mobs for a while with a good dot on them so I have longer to whittle them down before they get to me — works nicely) and so I put on a QL2 enhancer that I picked up on a drop that does 115 aegis damage on hinder, so vs any normal mob anymore that opening hit completely strips the aegis shield.  Making all the fights “aegis free.”  Dual-shield boss mobs are a different story, but with the higher aegis damage I do now, their shields fall a lot faster too, so aegis has largely become irrelevant anymore.  On the one hand… good.  It’s kinda of annoying.  On the other hand….. it did add some pretty significant challenge right as I got into Tokyo and so I’m kinda sad to see that challenge go by the wayside so quickly.

I think everyone who's done this mission took this screenshot....

I think everyone who’s done this mission took this screenshot….

I did the Halloween event with “The Broadcast.”  The final area in the bunker in the Besieged Farmlands was quite creepy, but I didn’t find it overly hard.  I’ve seen other bloggers mention struggling a bit with it, though, so I’m glad I’m NM geared, even if I’m not “fully .4.4” yet.  I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m not saying much about it, but…. it was definitely fun, and I ran around and found all the radios and the lore in each zone becuz it was fun to find the places and not have to worry about “Grind more SP for the aegis skill lines!  Grind more xp for the aegis module level!”  I just got to run around and enjoy the game world.

Orochi Tower plus a flappy!

Orochi Tower plus a flappy!

I got into an advertised 24’s group from noobmares, though it only ended up being 17.  Even so, it was a good group — we did Polaris with no deaths at all.  in DW we wiped on the ak’ab boss due to it being glitchy and bugged on the 1st attempt, and we lost a dps on the teleporting mage boss but still beat him, so it all worked out well there.  In HR I got left behind on the 1st boss swapping in some health to deal with the random shock damage she throws out, and due to the ground effects got into the fight late, but it was fine.  2nd boss is that easy tank-n-spank guy, 3rd boss went down no problem.  4th boss we lost a dps but still completed.  5th boss went down 1st try — we were rocking it!  And then we ran up to MT and one of the dps disconnected and just never came back, so we called it a night.  I got 27 bullion out of it to add to the 8 I already had, so I spent 30 on a new shotgun and still have 5 left over.  It’s only 10.0 currently but it’s the custom one, so eventually it’ll be better than my 10.2 dropped one.  Eventually……

Bank heist FINALLY completed

Bank heist FINALLY completed

I also finished up the storyline missions for Issue 9.  I have the next quest in my journal already, but it’s pretty specific in the text saying “this mission isn’t available until issue 10,” so there you have it.  Oh and the Bank Heist sabotage mission?  In case anyone cares — watch a video of it being run, but don’t use the TSWDB.com walkthrough.  I tried their method and hit a wall of frustration.  I think 2 or 3 people running it together could do it the way that they suggest, but solo?  Not so much.  OTOH, I watched a video and only failed it 2 more times after that.  And I don’t think I will ever run that mission ever again. . . . . .  Of course, the fact that is was so frustrating that I went to a guide and then felt VERY accomplished after finally finishing it in spite of having used a guide does kinda make me want to try it again for the achievement of never being seen and feeling that much more accomplished, but…. meh.  I’m not really achievement driven.

Anyway, happy gaming out there!

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  1. On the bank heist: i know what you mean. I’ve tried to do a flawless run of it a few times up to now, but somehow always fumbled. Although i by now know how it should be done. And i -will- do that still, i want the new moonwalk emote, after all. 🙂

    • I ran it again later with a friend and I actually would have gotten the flawless if he hadn’t been along. He made a mis-step, which pulled a drone after him and it LOS’d on me so I was seen, though I didn’t “get caught” — just seen, while he got caught…..

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