[FFXIV] Sucked Back In

A sightseeing "vista"

A sightseeing “vista”

So there I was on a Saturday morning with some time to burn and wanting to MMO it up.  I looked at the various icons in my taskbar and decided that FFXIV looked the most appealing.  I’ve kinda felt bad for not getting to where I at least had my mount, if not my job of Black Mage before leaving off last time, and there it was… just looking at me……  So yeah, I resubbed.  I’d done a bit of research on how to get the mount and it pretty much just boiled down to “follow the story line missions and you’ll get it at about level 20, maybe 21.”

Nice robe I got after finishing the 1st dungeon

Nice robe I got after finishing the 1st dungeon

So… level 18 on login, and the next story mission required doing a dungeon.  I’d joined the queue for it during my prior stint, but after an hour no group had popped, and frankly it was that delay that killed my desire to log in anymore.  Need group to advance, but can’t get group even with their tool.  But this time, the group popped right about at the 20 minute mark as the “average time” indicated.  And I was nearly level 20 by the time we got out.  Dungeons give some pretty mad xp.  And the very next story mission also was a dungeon.  Joy.  But this group popped in only 7 minutes, even though the average again said about 20, so that was a nice surprise.

Level 21 robe upgrade

Level 21 robe upgrade

When we got loaded in, I said I was a noob and to be gentle.  The other dps guy said “No problem” and the healer said “I’m new to healing too” and the tank dropped from group.  Fortunately another tank popped in in less than a minute.  He also said he’s new to the game.  And yeah, that run didn’t go as smoothly as the 1st dungeon, but we still beat it without any trouble.  From there I got sent to a quest hub where I’d already been, so all I had to do there was the story quests since I’d already done the regular ones.  Then I began having to hop back and forth from hubs that were 3 zones apart.  Fortunately the teleports are quite cheap……

The 3 Grand Company reps in the back... and I'm still really tall ;-)

The 3 Grand Company reps in the back… and I’m still really tall 😉

Long story short, I eventually got to the quest giver that gave the mount quest, but she had a rather long string of quests before then, (including yet another one requiring a trip through the group finder, and this one you’re stuck in a small cavern and have to simply wait — can’t run off and do other things while waiting for it) and then the quest itself required going to all 3 of the main areas and watch some loooooooong cutscenes before making the choice of which “Grand Company” to join.

Kitty Mount

Kitty Mount

And after joining, finally getting the thing that says “Take a certificate to a Chocobo Keeper and you’ll finally get your mount!”  Which of course requires 2000 of a new currency type that I’ve not seen before.  So after dropping off a few items, running a couple of missions that awarded a little of the currency and finally just grinding a lot of FATE, I got enough currency to get the Chocobo and also unlock my cat mount and the “fat chocobo” mount that I have had ever since I 1st logged into the game on purchase.  And I was level 24.9 when it all happened, so I guess I should have simply waited in the queue back in the day for the 1st dungeon mission.  After that goal was completed, it was a hop, skip, and a jump to get to 25 and that finished up my play sessions for the weekend.  7 levels — not bad.  Next goal:  level 30 so I can a) get my Black Mage job and b) unlock my mount as a combat companion.

Chocobo Mount with Behemoth Barding

Chocobo Mount with Behemoth Barding

As it is, I’m still finding myself feeling like I’m playing this game in an opaque box.  Not sure which zones are used for which levels, keep finding places there level 2 and level 40 mobs are next to each other, everything feels like it is level-locked or hiding behind certain quests that you aren’t directed to in-game and have to research out of game.  I’ve been reading a couple of other bloggers talking about FFXIV (and they’re why I started playing in the 1st place — I really didn’t have any interest in the game until reading their experiences in it) and they’re talking about a ton of other things that I apparently won’t see until I’m level 50 and in the “endgame.”  I am enjoying the game well enough (well enough to re-sub, after all), but there’s still something that’s not quite clicking with me.  I guess we’ll see if it ever does.

Anyway, happy gaming out there!

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  1. Woo! Congrats on unlocking your mounts! I love my chocobo companion – never leave home without him! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the progress. As I posted when I last played, I suspect it’s a MMO that really benefits more than most from you having a good guild to play with. The forced dungeons are an issue for me but the world is so very beautiful that it’s probably worth the hassle to be able to explore it.

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