[FFXIV] A Black Mage Walks Into a Bar

Newly minted Blagk Mage!

Newly minted Black Mage!

I made it to level 30 as a Thaumaturge over the weekend, and I’d already gotten Archer to 15 quite a while ago in order to open up the Black Mage job.  1st things 1st, though — once I hit 30 I ran and got the companion quest so that my mount will fight alongside me.  I’d already kinda planned to have it be a dps companion, as the game’s balanced that you shouldn’t need a tank pet at all, so when I saw a companion leveling guide that said just that, I was kinda psyched for it.

An impressive chasm and ruins.  FFXIV is certainly a beautiful game!

An impressive chasm and ruins. FFXIV is certainly a beautiful game!

According to the guide, the pet only goes to level 10, but its hit points and damage scales with your level and what its own levels do are grant skill points that you can use toward the tank, healer, or dps skill lines that it has.  Level 1 gives 1 sp, level 2 gives 2, and so on.  This makes it such that a level 10 companion can be 9/4 in the skill lines, and the guide suggested going 9/4 dps/healer.  The pet’s not really much of a healer, but every little but helps and the heals it can do are worth more than the final moderate attack that the level 10 dps skill is.  According to the guide writer anyway, but it sounds good to me.  I’ve got the pet almost to level 3 now.  It levels slowly since it only gets kill xp, not quest xp, and even then it’s only about 2/3 of the xp that you gain, so… slow going, but it will get there eventually.

Poor, possessed Cocobusi.  He just wanted to be a thaumaturge like his brothers.

Poor, possessed Cocobusi. He just wanted to be a thaumaturge like his brothers.

After getting the companion, I went and did the level 30 thaumaturge quest to rescue “Busi” from the influence of the demon/primal Mormo — done by assembling the Book of Mormo.  Add an N to the end of that and you’ve got a Broadway play.  Anyway….. after finishing that quest, I immediately had the Black Mage job quest available, so I went and did that as well.  Interestingly enough, thaumaturge can take cross-class skills from Conjurer, so I’d been using the Protect armor buff, but the Black Mage can only take cross-class from Arcanist and Archer, so lost the armor. Not that I really need it, but it was nice to have.

Mormo looks nothing like the Lalafell she was possessing

Mormo looks nothing like the Lalafell she was possessing

I vaguely recall reading a Black Mage guide at some point that suggested getting Arcanist and Archer both up a ways in order to give some good cross-class skills, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.  Even so…. I decided to swap over to Arcanist for a bit for a change of pace.  I was only level 5 when I began, but I’d made sure to leave a lot of low-level quests undone around Limsa Lomsha.  Even with those, it was still a bit grindy to get to level 10, but then I blinked and was level 12 due to the various quests that started giving a lot of xp at that level.  Once those ran out, I started working on the level 10 repeatable leve quests.  Those were nice becuz they only take about 3-5 minutes, teleport you back to the giver once done, and are worth about double whatever a level appropriate quest would be, so grinding those out feels like less of a grind becuz hey, its a quest, and the xp’s so good.  So now I’m a level 17 Arcanist too.

Level 15 arcanist with my tank pet -- distinguishable from my dps pet since it's "Topaz" instead of "Turquoise"

Level 15 arcanist with my tank pet — distinguishable from my dps pet since it’s “Topaz” instead of “Turquoise”

Something I thought was interesting with hitting 15 on Arcanist was that at that level you get a tank pet instead of a dps pet, but it feels like it does about as much damage as the dps pet did.  Maybe that’s a function of also having the companion out, I dunno.  But still, it’s nice to send it out and have it keep the mobs away while my dots and miniscule little nuke whittle away at the health of the mobs.  So anyway… what was interesting to me was that at level 15 Arcanist started to actually feel like a decent dps-ish class, where up until then it really hadn’t, in spite of the (optional) swap from a dps pet to a tank pet.  I’m leaning toward working more on Scholar than Summoner once I eventually get Arcanist to 30, though, so I’m allocating my attribute points to my Mind attribute rather than Intelligence, so that once I hit 30 my heals won’t be gimped.

Dunno why, but I really like this Minfilia NPC.  The quests that she has seem to have a little something "more" than the typical ones.

I really like this NPC. The quests that she has seem to have a little something “more” than the typical ones.

I swapped to my conjuror class and did a few leve quests to get from 7 to 10 as well, since to be a Scholar I’ll need 15 levels of Conjuror.  And I’ll also want to be a White Mage at some point, which needs 30 levels of conjuror.  Yeah…. I’m focusing on magic in this game.  I seem to be leaning toward mages and healers (or at least ranged dps) in any game I play anymore, and FFXIV is no exception.  I used to love to tank, but now…. not so much anymore.  And melee dps always seems such a pain since it’s almost always positional and the mobs throw close range ae’s so you have to joust in and out and… meh.  Too much hassle.  Let me just nuke from the back, or play whack-a-mole with the group’s health bars.

Don't mess with crystals!  They take you strange places. . . .

Don’t mess with crystals! They take you strange places. . . .

Due to knowing myself and that I’d get sucked back to crafting the whole time, I took the drastic step of selling off all my crafting materials that were clogging up my bags and also all of my crafting gear as well.  I’ve found that any time I’d craft myself an upgrade I’d get the same item via a quest shortly thereafter, so the crafting wasn’t really doing anything for me advancement-wise.  I’m sure I’ll eventually get back to it, but for now, I’m focusing solely on adventuring.  Happy gaming to you all!

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  1. The class system sure is a strength of the game, though it can be a temptation for the inner ‘atoholic’ to just level everything on a whim. I was fairly strict when I was playing to unlock the first job as soon as possible but if/when I come back I’ll swap out White Mage and go for a DPS job to have an easier time in dungeons.

    I love crafting too in most games but I think having a mini-game for harvesting was a step too far for me plus the crafting did seem so very interdependent that you couldn’t get far without leveling multiple or spending a fortune on mats. I was very happy to leave that pandora’s box unopened this time around…

    • I like the interconnectedness of the mage classes. That’s why BLM needing ARC as the subclass was a bit of a surprise to me, though since it’s also a ranged dps class, I can kinda see it at least.

      so far as the gathering and crafting goes — in early October when I was playing before they were nice an relaxing, but this time around…. meh. Didn’t feel the pull, and the various crafting mats that each one needed were filling my bags up badly, so……. yeah, just got rid of it all to be rid of the temptation.

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