[TSW] The TSW Christmas for 2014

Slightly spoilery post follows — you have been warned!

I'm up on the right, so arguably tucked out of the line of fire...

I’m up on the right, so arguably tucked out of the line of fire…

I got a cryptic message that I should go to the Albion Theater in London.  I did so and got some nice box seat tickets.  Headed on up to my seat, the overture began, the curtain raised and ….. Phoenician combat agents opened up on the audience and performers.  I’m still a bit hazy as to the why, but there they were….

Oh noes!  We're under attack!

Oh noes! We’re under attack!

But of course I’m an immortal fire-wizard (or so the cut-scene would have you believe since I stood up and my hands burst into flame) so I not only survived the onslaught, but killed all the attackers.  Shame about staying out of the way until everyone else was dead before jumping into action, but.. you know… story.

The Pied Piper ain't got nuthin' on me!

The Pied Piper ain’t got nuthin’ on me!

Some clues and a flute backstage sent me off to Venice where I went through a door, yet then got told “2 hours later” and shown crawling out of a hole into an rather intricate system of catacombs.  Making my way through I discovered that playing various melodies on the flute I found in the theater makes things happen.  Calls fire, calls water, makes birds sing, makes things silent, pushed things away, pulls things to me……All very useful things in order to get past the obstacles presented.

So Santa Claus is actually a shade?  Who knew?

So Santa Claus is actually a shade? Who knew?

I made it to the last room and oh look!  It’s Lilith/Lidiya yet again.  Fought her until she ran off, then good old Saint Nick appeared to carry away the unfortunate souls of those who preceded me there.  And I got a nice little goody bag and a ton of xp.  Fun little mission!

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