[FFXIV] My 1st real challenge

The "Coliseum" set.  It doesn't even make it to "chainmail bikini" status.

The “Coliseum” set. It doesn’t even make it to “chainmail bikini” status.

Since Wednesday, I hoped to make it to level 44 to get the passive that will proc a no-mana, instant-cast Fire 3, and I surprised myself by making it all the way to 46.  Even more surprising to me is that I did so in spite of not yet having completed the level 44 story mission which needs the Garuda Trial to be completed.  But hey… running around and getting exploration achievements and also finding that most of the side quests seem to be level-gated, not story-gated.. well, there ya go.  Even so, I was a fair ways off from 46 when I completed a challenge log entry that I wasn’t aware I was working toward and it bumped me almost 60K xp, and there it was — level 46.  Go me.

Still the "Coliseum Shawl" but the rest is my Black Mage class set, so it's not quite so... not there.... anymore.

Still the “Coliseum Shawl” but the rest is my Black Mage class set, so it’s not quite so… not there…. anymore.

What was also kinda fun was that at level 44 I did the Immortal Flames dungeon mission.  While doing it, I saw some nice gear but since the group finder had given us 2 BLM’s instead of the typical 1 ranged, 1 melee for dps, I kept losing all the gear rolls.  But then when I hit up the market board later, I saw the pieces I’d lost available for sale and pretty cheaply too.  Too bad they look like streetwalker wear.  Bikini with an open-front frilled skirt and thigh boots.  Of course then I hit 45 shortly thereafter and the BLM class quests upgraded 5 pieces of gear to blue for me.  I won’t get the matching robe until the level 50 quest, looks like, but at least I don’t feel like my character is *quite* so exposed when she’s running around anymore.

About to fight Garuda for the 1st time.  It did not go well.....

About to fight Garuda for the 1st time. It did not go well…..

While still back at 44 and before doing the equipment upgrades, though, I essayed the Garuda Trial.  I was amazed that when I signed up in the group finder as a dps that it popped instantly for me.  I’d never been there before and 1 other person (the dragoon) said he hadn’t either.  The tank said he had, but then seemed to be learning it along with us and the healer didn’t really talk at all.  We tried it until all of our gear was broken.  Learned a bit more each time, and we were pretty consistently getting her down to the 10-20% hp range, but we just couldn’t quite finish her off.  So FFXIV has finally given me challenge!  Of course, I’m now 2 levels higher and have a better weapon and 5 blue gear pieces now, so I’ll be doing more damage when I go back plus be harder to kill with better defenses and hit points, so hopefully whoever I get put with next time and I can pull it off.  I do wanna see where the story’s going, after all.

This NPC at least gets a platemail bikini....

This NPC at least gets a platemail bikini….

I admit it — I have watched a video of it being done (which also included multiple wipes as they learned it).  Honestly, I didn’t see that they did anything differently than we did on our later attempts, so why they completed it when we didn’t is actually beyond me, but such are the vagaries of the games we play. . . .

I’ve also unlocked some of the Beast tribe quests now, so I guess that means the token grind has begun too.

Happy Gaming out there!

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