[FFXIV] Beast Tribes, Chocobo Training, and Low Level Scholar

One of the odder moments in the Hildabrand saga

One of the odder moments in the Hildabrand saga

One semi-annoying thing about hitting the higher levels in FFXIV is the introduction of daily quests.  Of a sort, which is why it’s only semi-annoying.  Anyway, as you get into the low-mid 40’s you begin unlocking “Beast Tribe” quests.  These award xp appropriate to the level of the quest, a bit of “standing” with the tribe, and also some Tomes of Soldiery, which are tokens that are sued to buy iLevel 100 gear.  Apparently as your standing tier increases with the tribe then you gain the ability to buy more stuff at their vendor, and of course you need a ton of the Tomes to be able to buy the level 100 gear too, so it’d be tempting to simply farm their missions all day, so the devs have limited you to 6 per day, making the whole process take… well… 10 days to go from Neutral to Recognized.

The next level needs 360 reputation, and since the 3 higher quests they now offer give 7 rep each… if I did only those quests it’d be about 17 days.  Since the initial 3 quests that give 5 rep each are still available, I can get 36 rep per day and make the next level also only take 10 days, but at the opportunity cost of being able to work a 2nd tribe’s quests simultaneously.  In theory it’s still better to take 17 days to do 2 than it is to chain them each in 10 days (for 20 days in total) but since I’ve not researched what you can get from each tribe and don’t really care at this point, I’ve decided to simply focus on maxing 1 tribe out for now.  This will hopefully enable me to get more Tomes more quickly for “general play.”  We’ll see as time goes by.


Loved this shout-out to the Karate Kid doing his "crane" move on the posts at the beach

Loved this shout-out to the Karate Kid doing his “crane” move on the posts at the beach

I recently decided to visit my guild’s house in the Limsa Lominsa housing district of Mist.  While wandering about it, I saw a Chocobo stable out back that was interactable.  I put my Chocobo in to see what it meant and found I have an option to train my Chocobo.  Kewl!  Nothing to it, you just put it in, select “train” from the menu and then give it a piece of feed (I got 5 “Krakka roots” when I unlocked it as a companion so I’ve been using those) and then there’s a short cutscene of you putting it through its paces, then it eats and you get 4410 pet xp.  You can do this once per hour.  This may not seem like a whole lot, but since your companion only gets a portion of your fight xp (usually ranging from about 150-200 for mobs near your level range), and then need a LOT of xp per level, doing a training represents about 50-70 mobs you don’t have to fight.  Nice little boost.


Ul'dah Saddle (default) barding

Ul’dah Saddle (default) barding

Something I’ve noticed when doing level-sync’d fates is that if your level drops below when you got a skill, it goes gray on your toolbar and you can’t use it.  If you try clicking on the gray skill you get a system error saying “You don’t have this skill yet.”  So from this, I wondered if the Scholar job would be able to do low-level duties, since it doesn’t get its healing fairy pets until level 30.  Last night, I decided to give it a test and see if I could only do the level 28 dungeon that allows you to go in at up to level 31, or what.  Swapped to Scholar and hit up the duty finder.  And about 4 minutes later was in the Copperbell Mines with my level sync’d to 20.  And I had my healing fairies, so I was able to heal the dungeon just fine.

Ul'dah Half-Barding

Ul’dah Half-Barding

The healing macros I’d looked up for Scholar worked quite well, though I had a typo in 1 of them that I needed to fix, and they change the flow of the game a little since you can’t queue the next skill about a half-second before the GCD runs out when using a macro, but have to wait for it to complete, then hit the next one.  Add the 2.5s GCD, but the healing fairy has a 3s CD on its main heal, and hitting a macro too early results in no heal being cast as part of the macro either, and yeah… definitely a different flow..  I also tried turning the “Obey” state off and letting the fairy just do her thing and supplementing her heals with Physick as needed, but otherwise simply tossing off my dots and Ruin, and it worked very well as a strategy also.

Ul'dah Barding

Ul’dah Full Barding

Of course the Copperbell Mines aren’t exactly hard either as they’re a very early dungeon.  I even DC’d during a boss fight and had to wait a while to get back in and when I did get back the fight was still going with the Arcanist dps person having been able to heal the tank with his Physick for the minute or 2 while I was gone, so….. good training ground for me, but not so hard that a non-healer couldn’t have done it, since we saw a non-healer actually do it. . . . .  I think that for now I will forgo the macros and leave the pet healing on her own, and perhaps worry about macros at higher levels.

Ul'dah Crested Barding

Ul’dah Crested Barding

Happy Gaming out there!

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