[FFXIV] Gear Level 88!

Gear Level 88!  The pieces that show are "Cashmere"

Gear Level 88! The pieces that show are “Cashmere”

Thursday nights are supposedly my “designated game night” for weekdays, but due to how life happens, I usually don’t actually play much (if at all) on any weeknight — not even on Thursday.  But last night the factors aligned, so in I logged.  Popped over to Little Ala Mhigo so I could do my Brotherhood of Ash daily quests.  After grabbing the 6 dailies, I noticed another quest indicator from the chief and went “Oh…. I must have enough reputation to move up a level.”  So I grabbed his quest, then did the 6 dailies and the “we like you more” quest to boot, so now I’m “Friendly” and a new daily quest giver has opened up for me which gives 10 Soldiery per quest and 10 reputation too, so now doing those 3 and the 3 from the guy who gives 7 apiece means I can get 51 tokens and rep per day.  Not bad at all.

My FC's goldsmith in her GSM getup

My FC’s goldsmith in her GSM getup

While I was doing the dailies, I got a notification that my retainers had finished their ventures.  Doing those quests also took me over the 495 Soldiery tomes needed in order to buy another piece of level 100 gear.  I replaced my hat and that took my gear level from 76 to 80, so that unlocks a few more trials and hard modes for me for this weekend.  From there I teleported to my FC house since it’s got a summoning bell right out the door so I could call my retainers and grab their venture rewards and also send them back out.  My FC’s resident crafter was there too and so I had her put a 2nd materia on the scepter that needs 2 materia for me.  And then looked at the guy’s icon on the map and it was still red, so I went back to the quest text in the journal and … oh.  2 Savage Might III materia, and I’d just had her do a Piety III for the 2nd one.  Oopsy!

I'm glad that the healing effects are pretty flashy too.  Usually only damage spells get a lot of effects.

I’m glad that the healing effects are pretty flashy too. Usually only damage spells get a lot of effects.

To the Market Board! And Savage Might III materia cost about 65,000 gil.  Savage Might IV are going for about 375,000… hey wait, I have one of those…… and it sold within about 3 minutes too.  I also had a Quicktongue IV materia and it sold for 175,000 too.  Hey wow, I actually have some gil all of the sudden…..  So I bought some level 90 green HQ crafted boots, gloves, and pants and now my gear level is 88.  I went from 3301 HP to over 4000 last night.  Mana pool remained the same, but since BLM’s have effectively unlimited mana with the mode switching… that’s kinda of irrelevant.  I ran out to Southern Thanalan and fought a few mobs to see what my damage numbers had done, and I had gone from doing 690-ish per Flame I to doing about 740 per cast instead, so a nice 8-ish% increase.  Also fun:  I only need 2 more average gear levels and I can do any content since 90 is the highest gear gate and even that is only for the new stuff for the 2.5 patch that just barely came out on Monday.  Well.. maybe the Bahamut stuff too — I haven’t looked into that yet.  Eventually….

The Battlemage outfit looks surprisingly like my level 90 "Cashmere" set

The Battlemage outfit looks surprisingly like my level 90 “Cashmere” set

From there I was feeling healer-ish, so I swapped over to Scholar and hit up the low-level Duty Roulette.  1st dungeon was Brayflox’s Longstop, so I got to stay level 34 and not lose any skills due to level sync.  And as I noted in a prior post…. ez-mode healing.  The fairy doesn’t do enough on its own to keep the tank up without your input, but it does enough to give you a lot of breathing room so you can cast your damage spells and help out with the fights.  Each boss dropped a “Battlemage” gear piece and since we had 2 melee dps and a tank who couldn’t use them, I didn’t feel bad rolling Need on them.  Oddly enough, my gear level stayed at 30 even after the upgrades, but my stats improved quite a bit.  2nd dungeon was the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. I was sync’d to 27 for that one, so I still had 2 cross-class skills and as a result I retained Stoneskin, but I lost my level 30 Adlo shield from Scholar.  Not that I needed it, but …. still kind of annoying not to have my full toolkit.  Even so… still ez-mode healing, and I made level 35 Arcanist in there.

Looking at the "far ruins of Nym" with my fairy pet.

Looking at the “far ruins of Nym” with my fairy pet.

After finishing that dungeon up, I headed to Limsa Lominsa’s Marauder’s Guild to talk to the scholar quest giver.  The level 35 job quest was very easy — literally run to 5 places and click on the glowy item.  Sure, there was a little fighting since mobs were either in the way or standing on top of the glowy thing, but since I could pop into cleric stance and have my companion out to do some damage while my pet heals me, it was pure simplicity.  Got my Succor spell so now I can do a group heal/shield as a Scholar.  5 more levels before I get my cleanse.  A side note — in Brayflox, on the final fight vs the dragon, he drops a lot of poison dots.  White Mage can cleanse them off with Esuna, but Scholar doesn’t get Leeches until 40.  The tank didn’t appear to know that though, since he was calling for cleanses on himself and one of the dps.  Don’t know why — I wasn’t having any trouble healing through the dot damage and it was an easy win, but.. yeah.



Anyway, after doing that it was time to swap to Summoner and go see what I got for level 35 there.  Talked to the quest giver by the falls in Gridania to get that going.  This quest involved a Duty instance, so I couldn’t take my companion in with me, but my tank pet was a champ and it was a far easier fight than vs Ifrit at level 30.  And now my tank pet is the Titan-Egi instead of the Topaz Carbuncle and I got a damage bumping spell for my dots too. Quite a productive evening.  All this in about a 3-hour play session.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. That is super 3 hours of FFXIV…after reading this I was itching to play FF but will have to wait until back in EU…(I even miss the console versions I used to play…all gone now :()

    • Yeah, I was very surprised at how much upgrading I got done in such a short time. Which server do you play on? I’m on Cactuar with the rest of the “Alliance of Awesome.”

  2. I’ve been thinking of leveling up a healer on the side. I have a level 33 White Mage, but I’m considering Scholar instead because I hear it’s a little less intensive. What’s your opinion so far?

    • I think I prefer Scholar since the fairy is constantly tossing out Embrace on anyone below 80% health (priority you, then tank, then dps), even in Obey mode, so there’s always a level of healing going on passively. I do miss Esuna, though — won’t get the scholar equivalent until level 40.

      OTOH, White Mage’s heals are so massive in comparison to the health pools it feels a lot of the time like it’s “toss heal, toss a dot, toss a Stone II, pick my nose, scratch my butt, toss another Stone II, oh look, now I need to heal again. . . .” With Scholar it’s more of “toss dot, toss dot, toss dot, stoneskin on the dps that couldn’t move out of the bad, heal the tank to full, pop a ruin, drop an Adlo on the tank….” It just feels more active, even though it’s still not really usually spending all that much time healing.

      I prefer Scholar. White Mage is kinda boring in comparison, IMO.

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