[FFXIV] Alt-itis

The  iLevel 100 gear seems to be going back to the "less is more" style, though that's a  bikini top, not the set piece yet.

The iLevel 100 gear seems to be going back to the “less is more” style, though that’s a bikini top, not the set piece yet.

I got the leg piece of my Soldiery tome iLevel 100 gear set the other night, so I just have the chest piece to go.  I looked at it in the dressing room and it’s rather odd.  As you can see to the left there, the legs include a fishnet portion, and then the chest piece has a ruff around the waist, kinda like a ballerina’s tutu, but thicker with less diameter.  I really don’t like how it looks, so I’ll probably be putting a glamour on it.

Running the main scenario duty for Tomes of Soldiery

Running the main scenario duty for Tomes of Soldiery

After doing that, I got to thinking about how poor several of the tanks I ran guildhests with a week ago were.  This was also partly brought on by me doing a low-level dungeon duty for the 100 Soldiery tome reward the other night and our tank in there was atrocious as well.  Belghast mentioned in a post that he’s noticed that a lot of low-level tanks don’t really hold aggro well due to playing like they would if they were solo — they focus on 1 mob and use all their highest damage attacks on it until it’s dead (at least, I thought it was Bel, but I can’t seem to find the post at his site, so… maybe it wasn’t him after all.).  Except that doesn’t work, because the highest damage attacks don’t have the bonus to enmity stacked into them.  Further, there tend to be 3 mobs in a trash pull and when they focus on only 1, then the other 2 peel for the healer or ranged dps.  He suggested that the best low-level tank rotation for a Gladiator is to Shield Lob to pull, then Flash 2x (it’s an AE enmity builder, though it does no damage), and then use the high-enmity Fast/Savage Blade combo, and *not* the Fast/Riot Blade combo.

Level 15 "plundered" gear  set.

Level 15 “plundered” gear set.

I wanted to see this in action for myself, so I finally bit the bullet and grabbed my final class of Gladiator.  Bipped through the early levels doing my hunt log and leve quests and hit 15 in no time.  And even though I’ve not yet tanked a dungeon, I can see his point.  The suggested rotation in the last paragraph looks like it would be a champ at AE aggro, but it doesn’t do as well solo.  No need for Flash at all, and Riot Blade…. well, it doesn’t do a lot more damage than Savage Blade, but it does do more, so it is the superior solo skill.  Since I bought myself a full set of dungeon greens at level 15, I then wanted to see how the Marauder class handled it all too, so I swapped over to my level 9 Marauder and did hunt logs and level quests to get to 15.

Marauder level 15 skill obtained!

Marauder level 15 skill obtained!

Marauder’s pretty much the same.  It cross-classes Flash from Gladiator and gets a skill called “Tomahawk” at level 15 instead of Shield Lob, but it does the same thing.  Marauders get an AE high-enmity skill at level 12 called “Overpower” so they’ve got that going for them too.  Still… Tomahawk, then Overpower 2x and then its high enmity combo seems to be how the tanking rotation would go.  Plus it can use Flash as a cross-class skill to boot.  And it gets a stun to use as an interrupt to boot, so I can see Marauders actually being considered slightly better tanks in the low levels.  They have a bigger toolbox for aggro, it seems.  Of course, the Gladiator gets its stun at 18, so it’s not really too far off, so it doesn’t seem that it’s too big a difference.

This captain of the Yellowjackets doesn't like the rogues Guild at all

This captain of the Yellowjackets doesn’t like the rogues Guild at all

Anyway, after getting Marauder to 15, I swapped over to Rogue and yeah, more of the same with the hunting logs and battle leve quests.  I like the rogue lore, that they’re the “enforcers” from the shadows that keep criminals from getting too far out of hand.  You know… like if you want the Boogeyman killed, then you call John Wick.  Same thing — you want the criminals kept in check, call the rogues.  Rogue surprised me in that it gave 2 quests for skills at level 15.  Of course the Mug skill seems to just be a skill to boost the chance of loot from a given mob, assuming you hit the mob just before you kill it and ti doesn’t appear that it will do a whole lot of damage, so… I’m kinda meh about that one.  Love the animations for the rogue, though — especially the Assassinate skill.

Now to get the Lancer class to 15 and then I can clear out most of the low-level armor I’ve got cluttering up my Armory Chest . . . . .

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  1. The ironic thing about soloing as a Gladiator is that once you hit level 26 or so, the Fast/Savage combo gets a third piece, Rage of Halorne. Fast/Savage/Rage then becomes the best damage and best enmity combo. Riot Blade gets relegated to the skill you use if you need mana.

    • I figured it would be that way sooner or later, since the mana regen mechanic seemed a nice useful thing, but only situationally. I’m still mostly focused on my BLM job as of yet, though I did get Lancer up to 11 earlier tonight and plan to hit 15 with it tomorrow.

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