The Liebster Chain Letter

Telwyn tagged me, so here are my answers to the same questions that he was asked:

How did you get started blogging?

I started my own blog back in the day at thinking it’d be about my gaming habits and whatnot, but it eventually morphed into a bit more of an online journal for my family to read, in the vein of a blog my sister’s been doing for some time now.  But I’m a very private person so far as IRL stuff goes, and I just never felt comfortable with that, so I let it die, though the archive’s are still there.  Stargrace opened up the Nomadic Gamers site here and had a bunch of us as guest authors right when it opened up, including me, and so I started doing my gaming posts here, and the rest is history.

What’s the origin of your blogger’s name?

My 1st MMO was SWG, and you were only allowed 1 character per server, so I eventually got 2 accounts — 1 for me and 1 for my (now ex-)wife.  She started an online affair with a fellow player and moved out, so I didn’t need her account anymore, so I gave it to a friend.  But then I eventually wanted a 2nd account again (I had alt-itis right from the get-go).  Since my friend was actively using that account, I couldn’t ask for him to give it back, but then another friend quit playing and gave me his account to use as my alt account.  And he’d used “pkudude” as the account name.  I asked him what the pku stood for and he said it was just random letters.  That account eventually morphed into my main account, so when I started playing other games, I kept using that name.  Sometimes it was already taken, though, so adding the 99 at the end always made it work.

What’s your favorite MMO character and why?

Clarisse the SK after getting her epic weapon

Clarisse the SK after getting her epic weapon.  Name changed due to a server merge.

My High Elf Shadowknight in EQ2.  I named my “Commoner” Clarissa, intending it to be “Clarissa the Cleric” but then at level 3 when it was time to pick my archetype, I decided that I’d seen enough High Elf Priests running around, so I decided to go Fighter and eventually Paladin instead.  At 10 I picked the Crusader class, and then at level 14 I decided I wanted to go against type and betray from Qeynos to Freeport so I’d become am SK instead.  I did all that and got to level 19, then made the (at the time very scary and extremely dangerous) run back through the Nektulos Forest and back on in to Antonica to join a “scarecrow” group.  We ground xp on the heroic scarecrows by the Thundering Steppes zone line and it happened.  Ding 20!  In group chat came lines of “Gratz!” and then…..”Wait… SK?  WTF?!?!?!”  Becuz who would be crazy enough to not only do the onerous/tedious betrayal quest but then make the run back through the hell that was Nektulos Forest just to see how people would react to being an unexpected class for a High Elf while just outside Qeynos?  I would, that’s who!  Later on in the 30’s I was in Rivervale working on leveling up when a shout went out that a decent piece of SK gear had dropped, but the guy didn’t need it, so he was willing to give it away.  I sent him a tell and met him.  Big old Troll SK comes stomping over and when he saw me, he said “You’re too pretty to be an SK!”  And of course when I went to Freeport, every Dark Elf NPC I walked past cheered to see that a High Elf had converted… which was why every High Elf alt I made in EQ2 (all 9 of them….) ended up betraying, even the ones in “neutral” classes that didn’t “need” to.  I liked the NPC’s cheering for me that much, what can I say?  And it all started with my SK.

What was your very first MMO character and why did you choose that race?

A Zabrak named JC’ Netopalis in SWG.  I chose that race because I intended to be a doctor in that game and doctors used their Mind pool to power their heals and Zabraks got a big racial boost to their Mind

What’s the most fun class you ever played?

EQ2’s coercer.  Had the tools to let you pull out some really crazy wins, and I was always pushing myself with it and taking risks to see just how far I could go.  My worst kills/death ratio ever, but oh so fun all those times dying……

If you could cut and paste your favorite games into one mega-ultra-super MMO, what would it look like?

The flexibility of SWG’s point-based classless system, a lot of EQ2’s classes as a framework for those points to be spent, TSW’s richness of story and lore, and the beautiful graphics of FFXIV and ESO.

You can snap your fingers and visit any city in the world. Where are you?

Kyoto.  I’ve always been fascinated by feudal Japan and would love to see the shogun’s palace there.  Someday…..

You’re on a desert island and only have one album, one movie, and one book. What are they?

Album would be Peter Hollens’ self-titled debut album.  Something about his voice quality lets me listen to him over and over again.  For the movie it’d be Krull.  Very cheesy sword-n-sorcery flick from my youth, but for some reason it just never gets old.  The book would be Dennis L. McKiernan’s Dragondoom.  I’ve read this book at least once per year since i 1st came across it in the late 80’s.  I’ve given away more copies than I can remember, and have even read it aloud over the phone to a woman I was dating.  It speaks to me, and again, just never gets old.

What ability or skillset do you most admire in others but personally lack?

Singing.  I’m one of those cursed with perfect pitch and a crappy voice, so… sure I’ll sing in church or maybe in a group and I’ll be on key, but I’d never get picked to be a soloist.

Are you a cat or dog person?

I grew up with dogs, but honestly think I prefer cats.  Had both for about 5 years, but then the dog’s kidney’s failed.  Still have the cat, and love him to death, though.

You can learn one language, in addition to those you already know, in a second. What language is it going to be?

Japanese.  See above for my fascination with Japan…..


I’m not tagging anyone, since pretty much all the active blogs that I read have already done this, so I don’t know who I could tag anymore who hasn’t already. . .   And I also know I don’t get a whole lot of traffic, so I doubt anyone I tagged would see it anyway.

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  1. Great stuff 🙂 Krull fan…wow…havn’t seen that film in a LONG time, I remember reading the book! And I will check out Dragondoom, need some nice fantasy reading 🙂

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