[FFXIV] Splitting Time Between Characters

Mi'qote on a unicorn

Mi’qote on a unicorn

I’ve been playing quite a bit on my daughter’s character lately, since she wants the Unicorn mount and also a fairy pet.  I got her Conjurer level to 30 so I was able to get the mount for her, and since I’ve got Arcanist to 16 now, I was able to unlock White Mage for her and get the unicorn mount, but there are still 14 levels to go as an Arcanist before I can unlock Scholar so she’ll have a fairy pet.  As it is, she really likes her “blue squirrel” so she’s happy enough with it, but I still often hear “I want a fairy!” and then she wants to play my character since I have the fairy pet.

Looks like she's figured out screenshots -- this one's time stamped after I left for work, and I know I didn't take it.....

Looks like she’s figured out screenshots — this one’s time stamped after I left for work, and I know I didn’t take it…..

She calls the Gold Saucer “the party” now, and “my world” is the Mist housing zone.  She doesn’t have her own names for the Goblet or Lavender Beds yet, but I’m sure she’ll come up with something.  She’s figured out how to teleport now, so I’m starting to find her out in the adventuring zones.  She often runs into things and dies since she doesn’t know how to fight, though she has figured out how to open up the emotes and drag them to her toolbars.  She’s a big fan of “disappointed” with the overly dramatic falling to the floor, as well as the various facial expressions.  It’s fun to hear her talking to the computer making up stories about what she’s seeing and why her character is falling down or laughing and all of that.  Maybe I’ll even teach her how to fight one of these days so she doesn’t die as much when she escapes the safe zones……


The gladiator guild leader during the level 20 quest.  which reminds me I need to do the marauder quest for that level too...

The gladiator guild leader during the level 20 quest. Which reminds me I need to do the marauder quest for that level too…

For my character, I’ve been simultaneously leveling Gladiator and Marauder so that I don’t need to keep multiple gear sets on hand.  I’m really just doing dungeon runs with them since they give so much xp, especially the 1st roulette run of the day, but also the high xp from the mob kills and also the weekly challenge logs.  I’ve gotten both to level 22 now, so I’ve got Provoke available as a cross-class skill to the Marauder.  In these low levels I have Stoneskin available to the Marauder too, though it appears I lose the ability to cross-class Conjurer skills once I get to the Warrior job.  Paladin will keep it though, so that will be nice.

She's rather fond of the fat chocobo mount too, and asked me to take a picture of her jumping on it, so.. here it is!

She’s rather fond of the fat chocobo mount too, and asked me to take a picture of her jumping on it, so.. here it is!

I’ve noticed that most groups completely ignore the marks that I put on mobs.  Usually it doesn’t matter so I don’t bother to mark, but sometimes there’s a specific mob that I’d like to die 1st.  Doesn’t seem to matter though… all mobs in a pack seem to die at about the same time due to the dps not focusing on the same one either.  I also had a group this morning where one of the 2 summoners used his tank pet, claiming that it does more damage than his mage pet does, so that made life a bit interesting what with its aggro-buffed abilities.  I usually had aggro regardless, but sometimes the pet would steal one, and on the middle boss in Halatali he left the pet on the boss even during the lightning phases when i couldn’t attack it, so it got aggro and I couldn’t get it back for that.  Was a very interesting run, but since mobs were dying and we weren’t I didn’t worry too much about it, and we never had a death, so it all worked out.  Now to get these classes to 25 for the next gear upgrade……

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. So is the secret to gear management parallel leveling? I must admit it’s baffling to have so many sets of gear at different levels now that I’ve started on other classes other than Conjurer. I’m leveling Arcanist and Thaumaturge now to unlock two more jobs so at least they’re ok with hand-me-downs – means I can take the Allargans from quests to sell for more money…

  2. For my 3 magic classes I took off to the front with my THM/BLM and let my CNj/WHM and ACN/SMN/SCH use hand-me downs. I kept the CNJ and ACN levels pretty much identical so that they could drop out old gear. Once I got to 50 on “everything” then I only needed 2 gear sets — 1 for BLM/SMN, and the other for WHMSCH so that’s pretty nice in keeping my armory chest from being too full.

    For the physical dps classes, for a while I had my ARC to 34 and all the hand-me downs waiting for the others and that took up half my armory. I leveled them all up to 15, so now they’re only taking up 1/4 instead. For the 2 tank classes, I’m keeping them neck and neck and just barely buying anything ahead of their current level so I don’t have a ton of stuff waiting for them to level into it, and yeah… that’s how I’m managing my inventory.

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