[FFXIV] Working on Tanking Classes

30 levels down, 20 to go...

30 levels down, 20 to go…

I’ve made it to level 30 as a Gladiator and unlocked Paladin now, and it’s time to catch Marauder up from 26 to 30.  I worked on it this morning doing GC Leve quests for a bout a half hour and got from 6000/109,000 to 106,000/109,000 so these 4 levels should go fairly quickly.  Ordinarily I’d just run a dungeon, but since I wouldn’t have gotten the daily bonus for the duty finder at the time I was playing, I decided to do the leves instead, and I think I got more xp than a dungeon run would have.  Go figure.  Even so, I’ve really just been doing my hunting log and duty roulettes to level — doing the leves was a change of pace.

So with all that tanking….it’s been interesting.  I did 1 FC group, and as one person put it after we’d downed the 1st boss “It went so smoothly, I forgot that it was a boss fight.”  The rest were all roulettes.  Some were “perfect,” some less so, but all were successful runs, so it was overall a nice experience.  But who wants to hear about that?  Let’s have some of the horror stories!

The "Heavy Iron" armor for level 25.  Looks very functional!

The “Heavy Iron” armor for level 25. Looks very functional!

The worst offender was the guy who started in Cleric Stance and stayed in Cleric Stance until we were working on some trash after the 1st boss.  I’d not said anything up until then becuz frankly I’d not noticed, but this was a dungeon where up to the 1st boss is easy, but then the mobs hit harder after him, so the healer was starting to have to spam heals and was having a hard time.  Then I noticed the red buff icon for him and asked him to turn off Cleric Stance.  He ignored me, until after we finished 1 more trash pull, when I explained to him that Cleric Stance is for soloing, or for stance dancing in a dungeon, but that he should never cast a heal with it up and why.  He then turned it off and the rest of the run went quite smoothly.

I like the glowie effect on my GC shield

I like the glowie effect on my GC shield

Another run included 2 summoners.  1 pulled out his blue squirrel, but the other kept his yellow one out.  Wasn’t a big deal, it wasn’t stealing aggro or anything, but still seemed odd since it’s the tank pet, not the dps one.  I asked him why he was using that one and he said that it actually does more damage than the blue, and … ya know, I have a 50 Summoner and I’ve seen how when solo that the mobs seem to die every bit as fast if I’m using the tank pet as opposed to the mage pet, so… whatever.  It got a little weird when he accidentally pulled the next group due to a bad target, but the tank pet handled it like a champ until I could pick up the aggro.

Another one of my daughter's selfies she took while I was elsewhere.  She's pretty good with the camera controls

Another one of my daughter’s selfies she took while I was elsewhere. She’s pretty good with the camera controls

I had a Satasha run where a noobie Thaumaturge who was new enough to still have the green leaf next to his name felt like it was his job to pull the next group.  I was running Marauder, so I’d sometimes need to stop for a few seconds after a fight to let my TP rebuild, but he didn’t like to give me that chance.  And there’s that one room where there are several groups but you just kill the one and then scoot by to the left, but he didn’t let that stand!  Oh no!  So I pulled the next group we had to get through, and he pulled the group behind us.  That actually caused a wipe, though we’d killed 3 of the mobs between the 2 groups, so we were able to easily finish things off when we got back.  Still, we got sick of it and just before the 3rd boss when we’d had an overpull (due to him, of course) that we’d barely managed to pull out, but I was at no TP nor Mana he then ran up and launched at the next group.  We let him die.  He didn’t say anything, just released and ran back, then I pulled the group, and then we took on the boss.

There was the pugilist who thought that she had to hit every mob in a group to get xp for them, so even though I had them marked she’d randomly target different ones — usually before I’d had a chance to lock down aggro on them.  And then there was the Arcanist who thought he was supposed to ignore the marked mobs, again… well before I could lock down aggro.  On the bright side, I learned how to deal with the bad players, and so I think I became a better tank as a result.  But even so…. it could be quite frustrating at times too.

Victory for the level 30 Gladiator quest!

Victory for the level 30 Gladiator quest!

Of the 1 classes, I can see why GLA/PAL is considered to be more “ez-mode” since (so far, anyway) it’s pretty much “Shield Lob, Flash 2 or 3 times, then do your aggro combo, spread among the mobs to lock in aggro, with occasional defense cooldowns used if necessary” vs the MRD’s “Tomahawk, Overpower 2-3 times, aggro combo while weaving in Maim for a damage/threat boost and why is my TP already gone?!?!?!?!”  I’d have to say that they’re both fun, but the MRD/WAR seems to have more going on.  Since I like to play to relax more than anything (I know… why am I playing a tank then?) I’m preferring GLA/PAL for now, but I still plan to keep leveling both simultaneously.  It’s nice to learn more about how tanking works, and I think I’ll be a better healer and ranged damage dealer now that I know what’s going on in the meatshield area too.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. OOOOO.. i’ve been tanking at the moment as well although going down the marauder/war route. I tanked a bit in rift so it’s kind of familiar .. but in a good way.

  2. It’s a ssobering experience to see just how much some players do not know. But then I taught a couple of 70 year olds to play WoW and they had no FPS background unlike most of my friends so even getting them to turn and change viewing angles were challenges!

    The cleric stance example is bad but I do wish SE would have named this better, for a D&D old-Schooler Cleric means healer so why does switching it on make heals worse? Should have been called Inquisitor stance instead…

    I’m levelling caster classes and jobs as a priority for now but I played GLA first back in 1.0 so I’ll want to give PAL a go at some point; oh and BAR and the new SK, I mean Dark Knight 😉

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