[FFXIV] [ESO] My Daughter Has Her Fairy Pet (Finally!)

Unlocking scholar.  I'm impressed at the facial expression the animators pulled off too.

Unlocking scholar. I’m impressed at the facial expression the animators pulled off too.

I played my daughter’s character enough to hit 30 and finally get her the fairy pet she’s been wanting.  Now I need to figure out a way to pass gil to her character since she’s endlessly teleporting around all the time and spending all of her gil doing so….

For my own character, I’ve been doing leves and FATE grinding in Coerthas and now have the Warrior to 35 and the Paladin to 36, so there’ve been some gear upgrades and new abilities, but all my roulettes since my last post have been in pre-30 dungeons, so I can’t really say for sure if it still feels like the Paladin has a hard time in the 30’s.  And at the rate I’m going, I’ll be 40 soon anyway and then I’m told it won’t be a concern anymore anyway, so… take that for what you will.


My screenshots for ESO all seem to be appearing as blank black screens for some reason, so….no screenies for this part, sorry 😦  I’ve jumped back in to ESO a bit more.  Took a bit to get used to the action-style controls again, but I was able to bang out a workable build for my VR2 sorcerer.  And she was able to solo through the public dungeon in Auridon just fine.  For 3 or fewer mobs I can actually simply use single-target abilities if I so desire.  For more than that… between Shattering Prison, Unstable Elemental Wall, Liquid Lightning, and Elemental Ring spam while under the effects of Crit Surge… sure I’ll be low on magicka at the end of the fight, but I’ll also be at full health and surrounded by dead enemies.  I was also able to solo all the dungeon mini-bosses I came across without trouble either.  Degeneration and Crit Surge were able to keep me healed up well enough and since heavy attacks with a staff now regenerate your magicka pool, it really wasn’t a big deal to do either.

My daughter’s also become enamored of this game, but I really can’t let her run around in it unsupervised due to the justice system that’s in place now.  She accidentally picked up something or maybe attacked a guard or something — I don’t know what, but she’s got a bounty on one of my characters in a lowbie zone that I thought she’d be invulnerable to the mobs in (and she is — light attacks do 1800 damage, mobs have 1200 hp) and so the guards all kill her on sight now.  I know I can mail some gold to the character to pay off the bounty once I go through my list and remember which character I’m using as my bank, but it was still annoying to have that happen.  I’ve made sure to turn off the ability to attack innocents in the settings, but she can still steal things easily enough, so…. she’s going to have to simply play FFXIV and no more of “the red hair in the snow.”

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. i want a fairy too now haha… level me one =p but yeh, after i finish up the warrior i’ll probably go for this… that and maybe summoner simultaneously

    and thats sucks with the justice system although, still having the theft involved might be a good learning experience

    • Since SMN and SCH both use ACN as their base class, they both level simultaneously. Level up to 31 on SMN and switch to SCH, and you’ll find yourself as a 31 SCH too. I really liked that about leveling it for my own character. It meant I could solo leves and fates as SMN with the tank pet at a decent speed, but then queue for dungeons as SCH and have very fast queues, and so the levels just flew by for me after 30 with the ACN base class.

  2. Aww… that’s so cute! I hope your daughter enjoys her fairy! I like mine, too! 🙂

    Good luck with leveling your tanks!

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