[PoEternity] New Characters

My completed stronghold!

My completed stronghold!

I’ve played a bit more of Pillars of Eternity this week, but nothing like the marathon stint I did this past weekend.  With my level 8 group I’ve completed my stronghold and have checked out some of the bounties from the Warden’s cottage upgrade.  The fights weren’t bad, and were worth a ton of experience and I got some nice loot off the bounty that was a human (and his pals) rather than a monster.  Since I completed my dungeon improvement, I’ve also stumbled across named bandits (and their pals) to take out but to capture instead of kill.  Not that it does anything other than put them in your dungeon.  You can talk to them but they don’t have anything to say.  No idea what would happen if I let one go.  And I found that Kana the Chanter and his high Intellect score does completely amazing things with the Ring of Jolting Touch that I gave him since I’ve been using him as an offtank to my monk, and it’s a touch-range spell that I don’t have the wizard using since I’m keeping him in the back.  But with that ring, Kana does damage to multiple mobs and often 1-shots his initial target, with massive damage being done to other enemies around him since Jolting Touch jumps to nearby enemies too, though with reduced damage to the later mobs in the jump cycle.  It’s still a LOT of damage.  Almost makes me think I might want to have the wizard run up to cast it too…..

But anyway….. I’m knocking on the door of level 9 and still have a couple more bounties I can fill.  Plus I really need to head back in to the dungeon under my stronghold too.  I was able to clear a little of it at level 4 when I 1st got the stronghold, but then as I pressed further in I got to mobs that were way above my level, and lots of them, so I went back out and kinda forgot about the place.

I found this hidden in the tutorial start zone.  No use as a weapon -- it really is a Disappointer -- but at least it sells well.

I found this hidden in the tutorial start zone. No use as a weapon — it really is a Disappointer — but at least it sells well.

Now that I’ve figured out more about how the game works and what companions I will be finding (plus when and where) I’ve tried starting out new characters also.  And I tried my hand at “hiring adventurers” to fill slots in the party as well, and found that they’re not like the companions, nor temporary mercenaries — they’re actually you creating a brand new character, so you can round out/balance out your party any way you like with full control over the entire creation process.  When you “hire an adventurer” the level of adventurer you can hire appears to be limited to a level below your own, so you’ll probably want to do it early when that only puts them 1,000 xp behind.  And then there’s the downside that the bigger your party is, the more ways the xp gets split, so it slows down your leveling as well.  IMO, a party of 6 level 3’s is more powerful than a party of 4 level 4’s, though, so I’m not really seeing that as a downside, especially since there seems to be plenty of xp to go around.

Anyway, I’ve also found that you can pick up 2 companions in the starter city, not just the Wizard who’s outside the inn.  I’d talked to the Fighter with my monk, but he just said something and then End Dialogue was the only option, so I didn’t try talking to him again later.   Oops!  Now I know that after you rest the 1st time and then talk to the dead animancer in the hanging tree you can talk to him again and he’ll join you.  Having an actual tank in my monk’s party would have probably made the game a bit easier.  That said… 1st run-through I was playing on Easy level anyway, so it didn’t seem to gimp me, as I feel like I’m doing well with the monk’s group, even with only adding companions as I found them instead of hiring adventurers.  I have learned from reading up a bit more on the game that in the big city that circumstances have now locked me out of, I could have picked up a Paladin as a 2nd tank also.  Which probably would have been kinda nice, but again… I’m doing fine without.

Hanging Trees are quite gruesome.  Glad I've never seen one IRL . . .

Hanging Trees are quite gruesome. Glad I’ve never seen one IRL . . .

From a comment on my previous post and also additional reading about the game (can’t play at work, but I can read about it 😉 ) I’ve found that the recovery speed penalty that armor applies to your ability cooldowns, not to endurance recovery after combat, so you want your dps characters to be in lighter armor so that they can fire off more dps skills faster.  Assuming you have a well-balanced party with a tank or 2 that holds the mob’s “engagement” then your dps characters actually should be just fine with light or no armor, rather than putting everyone in the heaviest armor you can find.  Though in my monk’s group lacking a real tank (monk can take tank skills, but is really more of a dps/tank hybrid) the “everyone go heavy” is still working out ok for me too, so…. take that for what you will.

I’m digging the Rogue class.  I don’t normally like melee dps a whole lot, but with a fighter to hold aggro the sneak attacks the rogue does are a ton of damage, so mobs are simply melting away before the onslaught of my daggers.  I’m even considering letting the monk party languish while I work on a new group with the rogue instead.  Having a fighter, wizard, priest, and rogue by level 3 in the same group makes for a lovely balanced party (plus I could hire 2 adventurers to make it 6 if I wanted) that I don’t have with the monk’s group, so there’s less frustration in the early game this time around.  Time will tell, I suppose.

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