[FFXIV] A Slow Week

Full Scylla's appearance

Full Scylla’s appearance

I didn’t actually play all that much this week.  Had a lot going on on the weeknights.  I still managed a couple of low-level dungeons and even a few Syrcus Tower runs, but then on Saturday (my normal long-session day) I had a bunch of family events, so couldn’t really get to play much then either.  Even so, I managed to get my Paladin to 43 and Warrior is mid-42.  I even ran Syrcus Tower on the bard job just to see how different it felt and… other than the increased mobility, it’s still ranged dps, so I didn’t really seem to be any different.  I just had to make sure I kept Foe Requiem up as much as possible for the mages in the raid to get the nice little damage boost from, and other than that…. Straight Shot, 2 dots, Heavy Shot, apply the off-gcd skill when it refreshes, stay out of bad.  EZPZ as the abbreviation goes.

Xander's Throne as seen from a Bard perspective

Xander’s Throne as seen from a Bard perspective

I got some more pieces of the Scylla’s caster gear on the runs I was in, so the BLM now has a more unified look.  Got a couple of sands and oils as well, so the BLM’s jewelry is all 110-120, and I unweathered the sash to get it to 110.  I finally got a caster-job retainer to 50, so it’s wearing my Tome gear right now, so… eventually I’ll have to grab it back to unweather and put the Scylla’s gear on it instead, but… not yet 😉

My daughter still finds interesting places to go and take screenies

My daughter still finds interesting places to go and take screenies

I also downloaded and played with the new benchmark tool.  I played with the character creator 1st and made what I thought was a pretty cool-looking Au Ra.  Then I ran the benchamrk and in the video the Au Ra Dragoon looks just like the one I’d just made.  I laughed a bit about that.  I don’t actually plan to make an Au Ra after the expansion, though.  I really enjoy the look of my Roegadyn and frankly, the Au Ra just look like re-skinned Mi’qote to me.  Rat tail instead of fluffy, move the ears off the top of the head, add the horns and scales, but re-use the Mi’qote model.  No interest in playing that race from me.  Such is life, right?

Another screenie taken by a 5-yr old

Another screenie taken by a 5-yr old

And in case you’re curious, my 4-yr old machine runs “desktop (high)” at a “fairly high” level, and if I set it to the actual settings I use (optimized according to my video drivers) I get a “high” result and I didn’t notice any difference in the quality of the graphics during the movie, so….. guess I’ll keep on keeping on, just upgrade to using DX11 once Heavensward comes out.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Interesting places she finds for screenshots lol.

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