[TSW] [FFXIV] [Civ5] Apathy

Dual-gun turrets on a tank look cool, but how practical are they?

Dual-gun turrets on a tank look cool, but how practical are they?

Didn’t really play much of anything this past week.  I logged on to FFXIV most evenings for my daily mini-cactpot and then logged right back out, but didn’t feel like actually *playing.*  Feeling kind of apathetic — I enjoy the game when I do play it, but right now, I’m just not feeling the hook to keep playing, even though I’ve got  the hook of the daily mini-cactpot.  Part of that might also be that I’ve got a 6-day trip coming up this week and I game on a desktop, so it’s not coming with me, so I don’t feel like really pushing for anything right not anyway.  I enjoy the leveling and also how quickly one can actually get into the i100 gear once hitting 50, but since it actually is so easy to do with a bit of weekend grinding, I don’t feel the need to push there either — I’ve already got several classes to 50, so I feel “ready” for the expansion already and thus don’t feel the need to repeatedly grind dungeons for more/better gear/tomes/whatever.

I bought a new book this week that I wanted to read and since Civ5 has a lot of downtime between turns, especially in the later game when you have city-states turned on, I fired that up and would read my book while waiting for the turns to advance.  In case you wonder, it’s called “A Long Time Until Now” by Michael Z. Williamson and I quite enjoyed it.  I also won handily with Venice and 41 city-states on the game that took me 3 evenings to play.  And yeah, with 41 city-states, by about turn 200 the game was crawling between turns, so I had lots of time to read.  I also did a game as Morrocco and managed to get a lovely start with about half desert tiles, a river, a mountain, marble, and a coastal location, so I could take the Desert Lore pantheon for an early faith boost, build any wonder, including the 2 that require mountains, and build Petra and the Kasbah improvements and make my capital into a real powerhouse of a city.  I turned the city-states off for that once so that I couldn’t simply ally them all and dominate any vote I wanted so it balanced the game out a bit more.  Ended up winning that one on score at turn 500, but the turns went a lot faster when I had no city-states to worry about.  As it is, I’m feeling Civ5’d out, so probably won’t fire it up for another 3-4 months again.

Friday night my friend J wanted someone to buddy up with in running through Issue 9 story missions in TSW, so I told him I’d join up.  when the appointed hour arrived, I sat at the pc and looked at the TSW icon and thought to myself “I don’t really want to play that right now.”  Then I fired it up anyway, logged in… and had a blast.  And yet… even though issue 11 is out, and I’ve seen a blogger here and there talking about it and it sounds interesting…. I’m apathetic about logging in to actually finish issue 10 and then start in on issue 11.  I know I’ll get there eventually, but.. for now…. apathy.

Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying your gaming out there!

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