[FFXIV] World of Darkness — Repeatedly

Level 45 Dragoon class set

Level 45 Dragoon class set

This weekend I intended to push my Dragoon from 40 to 50 and then if I had time look at getting some decent level 50 gear for the job.  I started off pretty well — Saturday morning I woke up and started playing at around 7 am.  Made breakfast around 9, played with my daughter, read her stories, made lunch, etc — basically I played quite a bit, but didn’t let it interfere with IRL stuff either.  And at about 2 pm I hit level 46, so 7 real hours for 6 levels, but it wasn’t 7 hours /played either.  Which goes to show… leveling can be quick….  Part of it was that I did the daily duty roulette and got a nice chunk of bonus xp there, and then since I swapped to the Storm Legion Grand Company, at 44 I did Dzemael’s Darkhold in order to qualify for a promotion and that also was a big chunk of xp.  But all the rest was the Coerthas FATE grind.  It goes surprisingly quickly.

Dragoon Action Shot

Dragoon Action Shot

About this time, I looked at my Tomes of Soldiery and realized that I barely had any, so I swapped to Black Mage and started running Syrcus Tower and World of Darkness for Soldiery, Poetics, and whatever drops I could pick up on greed rolls.  I actually nabbed 2 or 3 Dragoon pieces from ST, so that was nice.  But as I accumulated tomes, I started buying tanking pieces instead — I want to finish off my tank set before “moving on” to the next.  And as of just now, I’ve only got 1 more piece of gear to upgrade for the full tank set to be i110– the gloves.  And what I do have already is the i100 dropped gloves from Syrcus Tower, so it’s really not that big a deal.  But I’ll still do it, since I’m a completionist……

The "Tutu of Doom" looks really ridiculous with the Demon Caster gear

The “Tutu of Doom” looks really ridiculous with the Demon Caster gear

All that running of WoD got me up to 4 of the 6 pieces of “Demon Caster” gear for the Black Mage job, so I’m now sitting on i116 there.  There is a noticeable change in my damage output going from i111 to i116.  Not a huge bump in the number, but it’s enough to be noticeable.  My spell speed is faster too, so my recast time is 2.38 seconds instead of 2.47.  I’ll admit I don’t notice that small amount of time difference, but I’m sure that if I were running a parser, that .11 seconds would make a difference too.

Anyway…. there’s the weekend gaming update.  Happy gaming out there!

Level 44  Storm Sergeant's Spear looks short on my back ...

Level 44 Storm Sergeant’s Spear looks short on my back …

But it extends out to spear length when in use!

But it extends out to spear length when in use!

My daughter finds nice outdoors places to take screenshots too

My daughter finds nice outdoors places to take screenshots too

i110 Paladin

i110 Paladin

i106 Warrior (the weapon brings the average down compared to the Paladin)

i106 Warrior (the weapon brings the average down compared to the Paladin)


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  1. The fate parties have been pretty good on my server, so it looks like everyone else is trying to make that lash level push before the expansion, too! 😀

    • I only did “morning parties” on Saturday and it wasn’t until I got past lunch that they started to really have any size. Heck, I was the tank on the boss-type fates as a dragoon more often than not, since we didn’t have anyone actually in a tank class showing up….. Which could also get interesting when there was no healer there either 😉 Usually with so few people it wasn’t too big a deal, though. They’d have fewer HP due to the small group so they’d go down quite quickly.

      I’m sure in the evening it would have been much larger parties, but…. I was off in raid-land by then.

  2. Do you find yourself more getting drops for your sets, or buying them with currency like seals and stuff that you earn by doing dungeons and stuff? (Don’t know all the terms yet).

    • I found that between using the “daily roulette” for bonus xp that I would get plenty of dungeon drops, though due to the RNG, I wouldn’t always have “every piece” so I’d supplement missing pieces either with GC seal-bought gear at the quartermaster or what I could find on the market board. I tried to keep my armor within 2-3 levels of my actual level, though jewelry I’d let go for 10 levels at a time simply becuz there’s just not that much jewelry out there……

      FWIW, in order to have decent coherence in my gear’s look, I actually tended to go with chest, feet, legs, and gloves from the “same set” off the market board. At the x5 levels there were items that covered 2 slots each, so you’d only need chest and legs to also cover head and feet with a good coherent look. Paying the extra gil for High Quality made the gear on-par with the pink/green dropped gear too.

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