[FFXIV] Summoner Update

Hunting Clockwork Paladins in Azys Lla -- yes, I can kill level 59 mobs at level 52 as a Summoner

Hunting Clockwork Paladins in Azys Lla — yes, I can kill level 59 mobs at level 52 as a Summoner

In my last couple of posts I’ve mentioned that I feel that leveling additional jobs to 60 is going to be a long process due to the massively increased XP needs for each level.  I still hold mostly to that, but I had an experience this morning that makes me think it might be possible to work short sprints in as well.

I’ve been at a ranch in the central mountains of Colorado for the past few days and had a laptop with me that was capable of playing FFXIV, so I was able to keep up with my 2 roulettes per day schedule on the BLM and then do the daily hunts on the Summoner for the XP from those.  I’d do it early in the morning since the day’s activities would wear us out and we’d be in bed before 10 pm, but my body likes to wake up after about 6.5 hours of sleep no matter what time I go to bed, but… up at 4:30, it’s still dark, everyone else is asleep…. I’ll kill the time playing FFXIV!  Anyway, we made it home last night and got the 5-yr old to bed and I planned to get my 2 roulettes and the hunts in, but then we had a power outage.  I actually could have set my fully charged phone to hotspot mode and used the laptop on battery and played even then, but meh.  I just went to bed. (If you’d like to see the pictures I took on the trip — click here and here )

I woke up this morning about 6, and knew I’d only have time to run 1 roulette before I had to go to work, so I decided to run it on the summoner to get the bonus xp for leveling on it instead of worrying about the 100 Tomes of Law that I can get in other ways also (like finishing the story and unlocking the expert roulette and the 2 final dungeons in the expansion, for example).  I also grabbed the daily hunts for yesterday (since it was well before the reset time) and headed out to work on those.  I was at about 900,000 XP of 1,000,000 needed, so I was going to hit 52 easily from just the hunts since there are 15 of them and they give about 20K XP apiece at level 51.  While working on the 2nd of the hunts the queue popped and it was Dusk Vigil.  I’ve only done it the 1 time on my BLM so far, so I didn’t actually remember much of it but it’s pretty easy and I did just fine.  Dinged 52 while in the dungeon and equipped all the level 52 caster gear that the BLM had acquired back in the day.

Pain Flare is mine!

Pain Flare is mine!

From there I finished off my hunts and then looked at my XP bar and… wow.  I am just shy of 700,000 XP earned toward the 1.2 Million XP needed for level 53.  I gained nearly 800,000 XP in less than and hour and a half just from hunts and a single Duty Roulette.  This makes me think that dungeon roulettes will actually be a pretty viable way to work up the lower jobs rather quickly after all.  And then I went and did my level 52 SMN quest and got the Pain Flare skill too, so… go me!

Happy gaming out there!

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