[FFXIV] Gearing Up Without Raiding

Pic taken when still at i177, but it's i178 now

Pic taken when still at i177, but it’s i178 now

Update: i179 average.  As good as it gets without doing Extremes or raids.

Update: i179 average. As good as it gets without doing Extremes or raids.

I don’t know why, but I seem to have some sort of psychological block about getting into anything called a raid anymore.  Which is odd becuz back in EQ2 I was in a raiding progression guild that actually fell apart after the Rise of Kunark expansion becuz people actually took their time leveling to the new cap instead of rushing so we could raid the new content ASAP, but up until then we raided the hardest content 2x per week or as often as the coooldowns would let us.  Ever since that guild, though, I’ve not really had much interest in raiding at all.  FFXIV’s raids tend to simply be 8-man affairs, though, so not really “raids” as I perceive them (24/25 people), and I’ve got the gear levels to do the Extreme trials — I know people ni the FC with lower gear levels that are doing them just fine too.  But for me I just kinda go “Whatever.  Maybe someday.”

Got my Companion to level 11 too

Got my Companion to level 11 too

So… I still haven’t done Bismarck or Ravana Extreme, nor stepped foot into the Alexander raid floors as of yet.  I plan to soon, but I’m also still having fun getting the Tomes and Seals for the other gear.  Gear level is currently 178 and I just need another 2 days to have all the seals needed to upgrade the last armor piece to 180, which will either leave the gear level at 178, or maybe bump it to 179.  We’ll see.  (Edit to add an update:  I misjudged the number of seals I had, so was able to upgrade the final piece last night, and it did indeed put me to i179 for the overall average.)

After that, if I want to get higher gear, getting the Hive weapon from Ravana Extreme or doing Alexander raids will be the only way to go, so I might give it a look-see then.  Or I might not.  I like leveling my alt-jobs too, and I’m happy to say “my gear’s good enough for what I like to do” and leave it at that.

Sightseeing log completed for Heavensward

Sightseeing log completed for Heavensward

I worked on my Summoner some more this weekend and got it to level 55.  Mostly the daily hunts still, but I also looked up a guide and flew around and got all the sightseeing vistas.  I’d found a few here and there while leveling as a Black Mage but didn’t actually realize what they were until later and I didn’t want to “waste” the xp they award when I was already level 60.  I had 36 or 37 left to get, so at 18,000 xp a pop, it was pretty decent for simply flying around.  Some were pretty well hidden even with the guides giving coordinates and screenshots, so there was still a little bit of challenge to them in spite of the external aids.  This got me about 1/3 of the way into 55 toward 56, so it was a nice boost.  Too bad I can’t do it again.  I almost wonder if I shouldn’t have done it on my Astrologian or Dark Knight.  It would have been worth 2 or 3 levels for them.  No biggie though.

One of the Dravanian Forelands vista locations

One of the Dravanian Forelands vista locations

I also got the Astrologian to 42 so it’s coming along nicely.  After I get it to 50 I’ll probably try to level it simultaneously with White Mage so that I don’t have to keep multiple healer gear sets around, but we’ll see how I feel when that time comes.  Happy gaming out there!

One of the new glamour sets for the expansion.  Very expensive to try to buy.

One of the new glamour sets for the expansion. Very expensive to try to buy.

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  1. Nice to hear there are some options other than raiding for gear. What’s the ilvl for Alexander gear in comparison to what you have?

  2. Congrats on the progress! Today’s patch just released new tomes, which you can use to upgrade further without raiding. I like that there’s a variety of ways to reach goals at end game (though some are slower than others).

    I haven’t tried Alexander myself yet, still working on gearing up. But I am looking forward to the next 24 man raid whenever that releases. Those are usually fun!

    • Yeah, I really liked the 3 24-man raids in ARR. I vaguely recall seeing something about the new tomes, but I thought those were done from raiding Alexander Savage. Guess I haven’t paid enough attention to the game information, and I’ll have to see what’s what with those.

      • You get them from running roulettes, just like Law. The patch notes tell which roulettes they were added to, but it seems Expert and Trials are the highest.

      • Yeah, just read the patch notes and see them now. And tonight I’ll have to log in and compare how the new gear is vs my current gear, it would seem 😉

  3. As someone who probably won’t see the raids anytime soon, I’m glad to hear that there are lots of options to get raid-ready easily! 🙂

    • I wrote this before they introduced the new Esoterics currency too. The Alex raid gives i200 gear, and so does the Esoterics, with both being upgradeable to i210, so… seems like you can still get “best gear” without needing to raid if that’s not your wheelhouse.

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