[Blaugust Day 1] [FFXIV] Validation

I never capped Poetics ever, but I actually capped Esoterics the 1st week

I never capped Poetics, but I actually capped Esoterics the 1st week

With the introduction of the Tomes of Esoterics, I’ve been logging in daily to at least to the daily hunt logs and 1 expert dungeon so that I can get the weekly cap for the “Eso” tokens in order to upgrade my gear from the current i180 to i200.  There are only the 2 dungeons in the expert rotation right now — Neverreap and The Fractal Continuum, and of the 2 Neverreap is considered “easier but more annoying” because there are a ton of mechanics to dodge even when fighting the trash mobs between bosses.  This is especially true for Black Mages that are “turret casters” who can’t move during their long cast times.  The final boss in Neverreap is particularly egregious because he summons tornadoes that randomly move around the dungeon which do about 1,000 points of damage and toss you up in the air plus when he summons adds he drops aggro on the tank and randomly flies around and it’s a decently large hit if you don’t get out of the way.

The Ishgardian Half-Barding

The Ishgardian Half-Barding

As you can probably tell, this makes for a lot of running around to avoid the mechanics.  Black Mages at 60 need to keep track of their Astral Fire and Umbral Ice buffs (which last only 10 seconds but need a stationary cast of 2.5 seconds to re-apply) while also keeping up the 30-second duration Enochian buff in order to be able to cast the Fire 4 spell which is the primary damage spell now.  They also need to be able to be stationary for about 7 seconds in order to change over from Astral Fire to Umbral Ice in order to cast Blizzard 4 in order to refresh the Enochian buff before it falls off, else they lost the ability to cast Fire 4 for 30 seconds and have to go back to using Fire 1 instead.  Sometimes this is hard to juggle even when stationary, so when you have to dodge 3 tornadoes and the boss while trying to keep everything going and kill the adds asap then when they’re dead run to the boss so that his knockback doesn’t toss you off the side of the dungeon for an instant kill on you……

Yeah, it’s kinda rough.  So anyway…… as we were about to go into that fight, I commented in group chat that this boss was a PITA.  And he was, though as I do the fight more often it seems to get better.  Hopefully that means I’m improving.  Even so, after we downed the boss I said “Man this guy’s annoying.”  But then the healer piped up “You’re one of the best black mages that I’ve pugged with.”  And I got all 3 player commendations for the run that I could.  So that was really nice.  I don’t completely suck!  Validation!

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  1. Congrats on the Eso cap and on the commendations! I totally know how you feel as I still strive to be the best at whatever class I’m playing… though I usually feel I have a long way to go! 😀

    • I always try to do well. I don’t necessarily worry about perfect optimization, but I like to be 85th to 90th percentile. Above average enough to be well thought of, but not killing myself to be absolutely perfect either, if that makes sense.

  2. Awww that’s awesome!! 😀

  3. I can’t decide if that sounds fun or not. I like a challenge in my class mechanics, but there’s a thin line between challenge and poor design.

    • Well, I can honestly say that I didn’t like SMN at 50 compared to BLM, but now at 60, I’m liking the SMN more — it’s actually doing more damage than BLM anyway, and on top of that doesn’t have the stupid rotations and constant buff management. Sure you have DoT management, but that’s far easier to do since the DoT’s a) last longer and b) you can instantly reapply them all once a minute too so you have more tools to manage them. I can see why BLM’s are abandoning it for SMN in droves right now. Count me among them…..

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