[Blaugust Day 2] [FFXIV] Ding 60 again!

Ding 60 (again)!

Ding 60 (again)!

I got my Arcanist class to 60 yesterday. so that means both Summoner and Scholar jobs are 60 as well.  I was “close-ish” at the start of the day and ran the daily hunts which put me within about 800K xp, then I just ground FATEs in a party in Churning Mist for the rest of it in about an hour and a half.  It felt like it went really quickly.  For their gearing at 60, I’ve pre-bought their Tome of Law weapons and upgraded them to i180, and then the Summoner was easy — it uses all the same gear as the Black Mage, so it’s already jumped up to the max i179 you can get without the Hive weapon and Alexander gear.  On the healer side of things, I’ve actually gotten a nearly complete set of i160 gear from the expert dungeons, plus I’ve also used the Law tomes to work on the jewelry side of things since HW doesn’t really seem to give out much jewelry in the questing, so in the healer class I still had level 50 i100 gear in some slots.  Long story short, the healer’s gear level in i167 for now, but I’m still working on it.

Painflare is mine!  And it is quite fun to use too.

Painflare is mine! And it is quite fun to use too.

Due to the gearing, I’m thinking that I’ll finish leveling Astrologian to 50 to “catch up” to the White Mage, and then level both remaining healer classes up to 60 more or less simultaneously since they share gear anyway.  And by the time they hit 60 I should have the full Law tome set ready to go for them.  On the other hand, I’m finding that I’m missing being a tank, so….. when I log in to today I’ll see what I feel like doing then, I suppose.  As it is, I still need to do the level 60 job quest for Scholar to get its final skill.  Doing a quest designed for i140 gear in i179 average as the summoner was quite easy (but still fun), so I’m assuming that it will be similar for the Scholar doing it in i167 average with the i180 weapon.  If it’s not, then so much the better — I’m always up for a challenge!  The BLM series being “talk to this guy, do an easy fight” was boring up until I got surprised with multiple waves of adds spawning and having to figure out which targets to prioritize.  That one took me 3 tries to figure out, so it felt like an accomplishment to actually do it.


Another of my 5-yr old's interesting shots.

Another of my 5-yr old’s interesting shots.

As a side note about this Blaugust thing — it was something of a mindset shift this morning.  I woke up without my alarm a bit before 6, which is earlier than normal but not by a whole lot, and one of my thoughts was “I could go run the leveling roulette and the high-level roulette as WHM to start its leveling process, but then went.. no.. .wait… I need to do my Blaugust post or else I’ll forget later.  And this is actually the biggest reason for me to typically only post once a week — posting a blog cuts into my precious gaming time!

Anyway — Happy Gaming out there!

This is just so pretty!

This is just so pretty!

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  1. Whoa, congrats on 60 #2!

    Oooh, and I know what you mean about Blaugust cutting into gaming time! It hasn’t been so bad for me right now, because it’s the weekend, but come tomorrow when I’m busy during the day, I really am wondering when I’ll be squeezing in what little gaming time I have! I’ll definitely be needing to utilise some of them writing prompts 😛

    • For me I’m just having to do it 1st thing in the morning. Typically I post during lulls at work, but I can’t ever guarantee I’ll have a lull, so…. early morning it is.

  2. Wow! Grats on the next 60. I need to work on that myself… so I guess I’ll be FATEing a lot in my future. 🙂

    • FATEs do seem to go quickly anymore though. Both Churning Mists and Dravanian Hinterlands give in the 42-50K per FATE range, so it’s 20-ish FATEs per milion xp, and it feels like you’re always doing one so for me at least it doesn’t feel grindy. Yet, anyway…..

  3. Congrats, last photo is pretty, the game is stunning!

  4. I am struggling MASSIVELY in getting a second 60! It feels much tougher the second time round, haha. Congrats on getting to 60 again!

    • I’ve found that simply not worrying about how long or short the journey is has helped me to not feel like it’s taking too long. Just did as many of the daily hunts as I could at the lower levels and the xp came over time. Then they bumped the FATE xp and it’s felt a lot faster since.

  5. Grats! And I probably missed the first time, so grats again!

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