[Blaugust Day 4] [FFXIV] White Mage progress

Sooooon, Precious!  Soooooon!

Sooooon, Precious! Soooooon!

I mentioned in passing the other day that I’d worked the Astrologian job up to 45 and that I was semi-planning to get it to 50 and then work on it and the White Mage job more or less simultaneously, and decided to see about getting a little jump-start on that with the White Mage yesterday and used it for as many of the daily hunts as I could.  I used it early in the morning for Sunday’s hunts, then after the daily reset did it again, so I got 2 rounds of hunts in on the 1st day of doing it.  this has given the job about 2/3 of a level already — hunts really are worth a nice chunk of xp.  With my companion out I was able to kill mobs up through level 55, so on the 1st round of hunts I was able to do 13 of the 15.  For the 2nd round some of the level 57 mobs in Sea of Clouds were my random draw, but I was still able to do 12 of the 15, and this is before the companion begins the big jump in power at 51.  To give an idea, I’ve read that at level 50 the companion does about 50 dps, is all.  Sure it’s a boost, but a small one. But by level 60 the companion is supposedly doing around 270 dps which is a pretty huge jump in power for only 10 levels.  That will be a big help to healer leveling once the big jumps per level start happening.  I just wish that North Thanalan FATE groups were more common during the mornings on weekdays . . . .

And now I’m off to see about doing yesterday’s roulettes for more Law tomes before the weekly reset hits and i can do the Expert for more Esoterics.  Gotta get that yummy iLvl200 weapon.  Although I now have a dilemma — I think of myself as a Black Mage 1st and foremost, but with the Heavensward changes I’m preferring to play as a Summoner.  Do I stick to the plan and gear up the BLM 1st or “change my identity” and go with Summoner?  Especially since we can assume that there will be some balance passes made to improve the BLM at some point and I know I’ll be wanting to swap back, but the Eso gear is job-specific.  There’s no more “Get it for BLM and the SMN can wear it too” and due to the caps, it’s going to take about 3.5 months to fully gear out a job in Eso gear, so it’s quite a commitment.  I guess we’ll see tomorrow after I pop over 990 Esoterics and have to pick which weapon to get, won’t we?

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  1. I am really excited to get my WHM above 50. I’m hopeful it’ll be good!

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